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Guardian Cross for iOS: How to get more Action Points and Friend Points

In Guardian Cross for the iOS platform, Action Points are this game’s version of energy. Each battle that you engage in during the quests costs you 5 action points, and once you run out of action points, you can’t battle anymore except in the coliseum or waging mock battles against your friends. Friend points are a “social currency” that can buy you all sorts of goodies, provided that you earn enough of them. Read on to find out how to get more friend points and action points!

There are two ways to refill your action points. One of them is to wait until you have enough experience points to gain an experience level. To see how much experience you need to refill your action points, go to the “record” tab and you will be able to see both your level and your experience needed for the next level, right next to your team name.

Another way is to recover them with a Recovery Potion. You can get one of these either by buying them with Coins, going to the social tab and buying them with friendship points, or you can earn a free recovery potion or two by finding them in or after a battle during a stage. In addition, if you go to the hunt tab, and then go to the catalogue, and you have completed a full page of monsters, you will earn 2 recovery potions as a reward, which you can save and use to recover your action points whenever you run out.

You can earn friend points by doing three things: adding new friends (and having them accept your add request), inviting people who don’t play the game using your invite ID and having them enter it whenever they sign in, and by engaging in mock battles with your current friends. Winning a mock battle earns you 5 points, losing one earns you 3 points, and having a new friend accept your add request (or accepting theirs) earns you 50 points. Your friend limit goes up every time that you gain a level, so keep adding friends as you go.

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