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Guardian Cross: How to win in the coliseum, improve your rating and win prizes

The coliseum is the ultimate player vs player experience in Guardian Cross. In this game, if you earn get more wins in the coliseum, you earn more points, and if you earn more points, you increase your rating, and if you increase your rating, you will end up winning better and better prizes at the end of the 10 day period, such as free Special Hunting Tickets and free 5-star guardian cards. Read on to find out how to kill it in the coliseum!

First off, there is no way that you should be participating in the coliseum if you have any left over hunting tickets. Use up ALL of your hunting tickets before you fight, because you never know what three-star rare cards you will get, and even if you don’t get any or you only get one, you can get plenty of one-star and two-star cards which can either be added to your team or used to power up your pre-existing team via combining guardians.

Next, you want to take advantage of the chain in the coliseum. Any time that you play a game within less than 2 hours of your previous game, you earn 1.2x the points, and every point counts in the coliseum, so have as many coliseum passes as you can (a maximum of 5) and then use them all at once. When you’re done, go to the social menu and buy more of them using friend points, or go play the missions and the quests to start looking for more and winning more from enemies and treasure chests.

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Early on in the coliseum, it should be fairly easy, but later on it will begin to get tougher. Once it gets tough, your best bet is to first, have about three strong cards that you have advanced up to a level of 15-25, at least. Put them in the front. They should be at least three-star cards, if not more.

Then, put one or two more three-star cards that are leveled up to 15-25 at the very back of your formation. Most of your rivals will put their weak cards last, and their strong cards first, so this will VERY easily help you wipe out their lesser cards, no matter if your middle party gets annihilated or not. But either way, your strongest cards should be at the front and the back of your pack.

Use up all of your tickets, then go hunting for more guardians, use them for combining and enhancing (or to add to the party if they’re strong) and go back to the coliseum and do it over again. You’ll be advancing sky-high up the rankings in no time at all.


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