Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a new collectible card battling game for browsers and iPad based on the World of Warcraft world. For WOW fans everywhere, the cards will look very familiar, including such humorous cards as the Abusive Sergeant and the infamous Leeroy Jenkins card. Your goal is to battle both in single player and multiplayer mode, earn gold, then battle against other players in the arena. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft!

-In the practice mode, you can play rounds against all of the various unlockable heroes. You only start with one hero, but whenever you beat new heroes in the practice mode, you unlock them.
-Each hero has their own qualities that can change the course of a card battle. Some, such as the warrior, are great for rushdown battles and for doing hero damage to the opposing cards. Others, such as the priest, can heal themselves and their cards, so it’s best to have lots of high health cards. Still others, such as the shaman, are best for summoning more minions and controlling the board.

-You have a number of beginning quests which earn you free gold. On top of that, if you complete the daily quest, you will earn between 40 and 100 gold. You will earn 100 gold for every three wins in the “play” mode.
-If your daily quest only gives you 40 gold, reroll instead of completing it. If your reroll earns you 40 gold, just complete it. If your daily quest earns 60 to 100 gold right off the bat, then complete it.

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-Fighting in the arena will earn you rewards no matter how poorly or how well you do, but it also costs gold, so to maximize the reward that you earn per arena victory, gain fighting experience first in the play and practice modes.
-Your decks in the arena are randomized, so this is all about the skill of the player, with a little bit of luck. You’ll have to learn how best to counter all types of strategies, from those who control the board to those who will do their best to aim at your hero first.

-In the play mode, always be sure to keep a good mix of cards in your deck. Your big tanks with 4-7 mana are important, but so are your little players who have 1-3 mana, and the little players are often the ones who can make it the easiest to control the board, simply by (later in the match, when you get 9 mana per turn) flooding the board with them.
-Taunt cards are the best for countering opponents who love to attack the hero. When a taunt card is on the screen, the hero cannot be attacked. When your opponent uses taunt cards, concentrate all of your cards’ energies on defeating them, but try to save your powerful spells, if applicable (such as the fireball spell) for attacking the enemy hero.

-When taunt cards are not on the screen, generally, your best bet is to try and attack the enemy hero above all, because the more damage that you do to the hero early on, the harder that is to recover from. Their minion cards will end up killing themselves trying to attack your minion cards, anyways, most of the time.
-Don’t use the store to purchase card packs, because it costs 100 gold for one card pack, but it costs 150 gold to play in the arena, which earns you a card pack anyways (at worst), and at best can earn you even better rewards.

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