Hole.io: Ultimate High Score Guide – How to get High Scores, Ranks, and Stars

By | June 15, 2018

Hole.io is the endless city-swallowing game that has taken over number one on the download charts, beating even the mobile versions of Fortnite in popularity. Your goal is to eat a city and grow your hole in size, setting a high score and earning stars and ranks in the process. Eating other players is a part of the process too – read on for the ultimate high score guide for Hole.io!

The beginning is the most important part. Go where no other holes are going, because if you follow a bunch of other holes, they’re likely to eat everything before you get to it. Make your way down a city sidewalk and eat all of the yellow bollards, the traffic cones, and the people. Avoid the street lights until you get a bit bigger as they take too long to eat when you’re small. Trees are good too.

However, if you start off with the offer to start bigger in exchange for a video ad, change up your strategy ENTIRELY from the beginning. If you start bigger than everyone else, ignore the above paragraph, follow other holes from the beginning, and eat them. When you eat a hole, you knock them out of the game for ten seconds, and you also earn large amounts of points.

When you’re about two sizes larger than the minimum, you can start eating cars. Hit a parking lot and start slowly moving under the front or rear ends of cars to knock them in the rest of the way. When you’re even bigger you can just fast-slide under cars. Roaming up and down streets looking for driving cars is another super easy way to load up on points.

Look around for green spaces in between buildings. Parks with benches, fences, people, dogs, and trees are an absolutely huge point source. Find them, start eating everything that you can, and your size will grow and grow and grow to the point where you’ll be larger than everyone else if you knock out a park early on. Never ignore a park unless it has been eaten already.

When you pass 100 points or so, you can start focusing on eating buildings, but some buildings are easier to eat than others. The best ones are buildings that are small, and tightly clustered together (easily recognizable by the fire escape staircases up and down the buildings and bright colors). When you’re just barely big, slow down and slide through them at a controlled speed. When you’re huge, speed through them and eat them rapidly.

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