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I Have a Pen – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

I Have a Pen is a new game based on the Pineapple Pen/PPAP video for the iOS and Android platforms. Unlike the Ketchapp game, this one has you throwing a pen into a spinning apple, with gameplay similar to aa and Arrow Ambush. You can earn gems along the way to purchase more pens, and make it to the highest possible level. Read on for some tips adn tricks for I Have a Pen!

Due to the time it takes between throwing the pen and having the pen hit the target, there will be a slight delay after you tap the screen. Because of this, one of the most surefire strategies is to tap the pen when you are immediately underneath another pen. The delay will be enough for you to hit the apple just clear of the pen.

To add to this, when you know that you have the timing right, do two taps in quick succession. Do them with two hands, one after the other, in order to make it easier to do. Tap with just enough space in between the two taps so that you don’t accidentally launch the two pens into each other and lose the round.

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You’ll see gems along the apple, and if you hit the gem with the pen, you’ll collect it and add it to your total. Try not to do the two-pen toss trick on areas where there is a gem, because more likely than not, you will end up throwing pens and landing them on either side of the gem, without actually hitting it. You want to collect the gems so that you can spend them in the store.

When you do collect enough gems, head to the store and start shopping around for new pens. You can purchase new pens for anywhere between 80 and 600 gems depending on the design. Once you do, you can equip them. This will not change the gameplay at all; this will only change the appearance of the pen itself. You can also earn free pens for Facebook likes, Instagram follows or Twitter follows.

There is a nearly unlimited amount of levels in this game. Go to the top global scores, insides the button that looks like a bar graph, in order to see what the top global scores are for either iOS or Android via Game Center or Google Play. There are no hacked high scores, so you will only be comparing yourself against real players earning real scores.