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Idle Bank Tycoon – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Idle Bank Tycoon is a popular new tycoon game for the iOS and Android platforms where are you run a bank, and your job is to get massively rich and open more banks. You can upgrade the service, marketing, vault, and other areas, max out your banks to move to bigger and better banks, hire and upgrade your managers, earn ingots and briefcases, and a whole lot more.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Idle Bank Tycoon!

The game will get you started off pretty quickly by telling you what to upgrade, but eventually you are going to run into bottlenecks and your income will plateau, even after you upgrade numerous things. If this happens, then look for something new that you can build, such as a new service desk or a new cash cart. Usually, this will do the trick.

In fact, an easy way to tell where the bottleneck is, is by clicking on the pie chart icon on the right side of the screen. this will show you the periodic cash capacity of each segment of your bank, and you can use it to figure out where you are short, and either build or upgrade as needed, even if the narrator tells you that things are fine.

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As your level increases, so will your reputation, and the way to increase your levels and your reputation is to upgrade literally anything, and level it up. As your reputation increases, not only will you unlock more clients that can visit the bank, but you will also unlock the ability to hire managers for your bank.

Managers will increase the performance of the various areas of your bank. You can assign them to whatever space you want; for example, one manager can be assigned to service, one manager can be assigned to marketing, and one manager can be assigned to the vault.

Shortly after you unlock the managers, you will also unlock the ability to earn lightbulbs by playing mini games. The mini games are fairly inexpensive, simply requiring tapping, but at the end of each chapter, you have to battle against the inspector. Make sure that you use your lightbulbs to upgrade your managers, so that their efficiency is as high as possible and they can defeat the inspector.

Additionally, be sure to use your light bulbs as efficiently as possible. To do this, upgrade your managers at a relatively even pace, rather than leveling one of them to be much higher than the others. This will allow you to get the most effect and the most productivity for the least amount of lightbulbs spent.

You can earn offline income whenever you sign in after being offline for a while, but generally, you will earn far more income if you leave your phone screen active with the game on. Simply turn off your screen’s ability to auto-sleep, then set your phone down with the game active, plugging it into a charger if you need to. When you come back after a while, you will have a massive amount of money.