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My NBA 2K17 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

My NBA 2K17 is not only the companion app to NBA 2k17, it’s also a game in its own right. This app contains the My Team Mobile card game, which pits your team against other players and other teams in a card battle. You can compete for cards, use strategy to figure out what the best matchups are, earn RP (Reward Points) and VC (Virtual Credits) and compete in all manner of tournaments. Read on for some tips and tricks for My NBA 2K17!

While there are two forms of currency in this game, neither one of them is really necessary to have success at this game. Your main method of earning better cards will be to play in games such as the quick games. You’ll earn VC if you are logged in during the quick games but even if not, you will still earn cards – two for every win and one for every loss.

When building a team, keep in mind the positions that your players play in in real life. Putting a player into the wrong position will weaken their stats while placing them correctly will cause them to gain stats. However, depending on your depth at a specific position, a strong player out-of-position might still end up being better than a weak player in the right position, so test your card combinations to figure out what works best.

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Hit the auction house to earn quick reward points. People will pay a lot more for popular players, or for players on popular teams, so if you buy, search up a good player on a worse team and you may find a better price. You might also be able to price your cards higher than their statistical worth and still find buyers. Price them lower to sell them quicker or price them higher for a better profit.

If you log into your NBA 2K17 account, you will earn better rewards. Your login can be through either Xbox Live, PSN or Steam, so if you don’t own any consoles, register a Steam account and then use that for your login, so that you can earn bonus points.

Play in as many seasons as possible, even if you don’t think your cards are up to standards. Having a deep roster is best as players lose energy when they are used in games, so eventually their backups will have to be swapped in. The deeper your roster, the better you will fare in the later games.