Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power – Full Unlock Guide: How and Why to Unlock All Functions

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Pixel Fighter: Dragon Power, or DragonBall Pixel as the in-game banner calls it, is a full featured gacha RPG featuring all of your favorite characters from Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT, and the rest of the Dragon Ball franchise. This is a full-featured game loaded with features that you can unlock, including new game modes, PvP functions, a ton of different ways to enhance your characters and your equipment, and more.

Unlike many other gacha games, too, every function that can be unlocked in this game, is earned not by gaining experience levels, but by passing certain story stages in battle. This makes it extremely easy to unlock everything fairly quickly, usually within a few hours or so.

As follows is a list of every single function that you can unlock, how to unlock them, and why you would want to unlock them and/or what their purpose is.


Complete stage 14 to unlock this function. Quests give you a specific thing to do, and rewards when you complete each quest. You can complete both standard quests and achievements in order to earn more rewards such as coins and diamonds.

Tower Race:

You can unlock the Muscle Tower after completing stage 35, and you can unlock the Karin Tower after completing stage 45.

Both of these towers are pretty similar, in that you fight through one floor of the tower at a time, with each floor being harder to beat than the last. The higher up that you go, the more diamonds you can earn.

Goku’s Adventure:

Goku’s Adventure unlocks after completing stage 80.


The Arena can be unlocked after you beat stage 28. There are three modes here: Arena, Mirror Challenge, and World Tournament.

Arena and World Tournament both put you against other players, with the goal to fight for the highest rank. You can earn rare characters, arena coins, coins, and more. The main difference between the two is Arena is your whole team, while World Tournament is only your party leader.

Mirror Challenge puts your team against an exact mirror of your team. That means that the fight is based solely off of smart decision-making in battle, not off of stat differences, because there are none.

Shop (Capsule):

The Shop, also known as the Capsule, can be unlocked after you beat stage 15.

You can buy goodies here with diamonds, such as equipment enhance stones, weights, Dragon Souls, and other rare goodies. This is also where your Arena Coin shop and your Bond shop are located. In the Mystery shop, you can even buy stuff that merely costs coins.

Daily Instance:

The Daily Instance can be unlocked after you beat stage 22. Enhance Technique and Gold Trial, special battles where you’ll earn gold and enhance items, will be open first, and will alternate days, with Enhance Technique being open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and Gold Trials being open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

More variations of the Daily Instance unlock later; that includes EXP Potion battles at 50, Advancement Material after stage 60, Training Passes at Stage 80, Super Advancement Material at stage 90, and Enhance Equipment materials at stage 100.


Potential can be unlocked after you beat Stage 27. You can reroll all of your base stats here. Your first and/or second rerolls will ALWAYS be better than your base stats, by a huge amount. After that, you can keep rerolling, but you might gain or lose overall power; it’s more down to which stats you want to emphasize.


Costume can be unlocked after Stage 29. You will be able to change your avatar’s appearance, as well as unlock stat boosts, by equipping new costumes. Some can be bought from the store, while others can be received from events or VIP packs.


Guild can be unlocked after Level 30. Once you do, you can apply for a guild or start your own. You’ll be able to donate in the Guild Hall, fight against Guild Raid Bosses together, enroll in the Planet Contest to try to win ranking prizes by occupying other guilds’ planets, use Guild Assist to help out members of your guild, and Guild Wish to trade some of your shards for shards of rare and exclusive players.

Smelt Equipment:

Smelting Equipment can be unlocked after level 31. This allows you to melt down unwanted equipment into Smelting Coins. Once you have enough Smelting Coins, you’ll be able to buy newer, more powerful equipment.

Rapid Growth:

Rapid Growth can be unlocked after beating Stage 34. This allows you to gem out a couple hours worth of idle rewards at a time using diamonds.


Inlay can be unlocked after you beat Stage 46. This allows you to embed gems into your equipment, thus increasing their stats. Gems can also be leveled up in order to increase their effectiveness.


Refine can be unlocked after you beat Stage 56. This allows you to reroll a piece of equipment for better stats, by spending coins. Be careful that you don’t accidentally reroll a high stat and lose it. Be sure to tap the lock button next to the stat you want to keep, and unlock the stat that you want to reroll.


Title can be unlocked after you beat Stage 52. When you unlock this, you will be able to change your title to a more advanced-sounding title (for example, Apprentice, Rookie, etc). Plus, you will be able to get higher statistics.

Spirit Bomb:

Spirit Bomb can be unlocked after you pass level 72.

Shenron Wish:

This unlocks after level 25. This allows you to trade 7 Dragon Balls to the dragon Shenron in exchange for an orange (rare R+) character. Make sure to add this character to your party as soon as possible, and level them up, enhance, star up, etc.

Gravity Training:

You can unlock Gravity Training after you beat stage 55. Gravity Training allows you to pick a character and roll the dice in order to enhance a random statistic. You get fifteen rolls at a time for free, although more can be purchased

World Boss:

World Boss can be unlocked after you beat stage 40. This is the raid battle function of the game. You and many other players can group together in order to take down a massively-powerful boss.

You get three turns per day at taking on the raid boss, and you can get rewards based on your rank, which is decided by who does the most damage. Bond Items can be found here.

Bond Instance:

You can play through the Bond Instance after you beat stage 80.

Stay Tuned:

This is a feature that the developers are currently working on right now. It has not been added to the game yet, but it eventually will be added in a future update.

Star Up:

This feature is in the character upgrade and management area. You can unlock this after beating stage 38. You can use coins and star-up materials to increase the star rankings of a character. This is a very powerful character upgrade; one of the strongest ones in the entire game.


Bond is located within the character management area as well, and is one of the last things to unlock. After beating stage 100, you can unlock Bond.


Awaken is one of the highest unlocks in the whole game. After you pass stage 120, you will unlock Awaken.


Enhance can be unlocked after stage 21 is beaten. Enhance allows you to upgrade one specific stat (HP, Physical Attack, Kinetic Attack, Physical Defense, Kinetic Defense, Speed) using specific items that can be one via battles and other purposes.


Nature can be unlocked after stage 150 is beaten.

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