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Rob and Roll – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Rob and Roll is a new level-based pachinko game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to send your team members flying up into the level to knock down buildings, hit pins, and generally do as much damage as possible, all while collecting coins and diamonds, as well as rune stones. Read on for some tips and tricks for Rob and Roll!

Send your team members flying into battle as quickly as you can. When they come back down, there will be a cooldown period lasting just a few seconds. Send them flying back in immediately after the cooldown ends; don’t wait because each level is on a timer, and once the timer runs out, you won’t get the chance to rob any more coins from the buildings in it.

Even when you lose a level and earn zero rewards, you will still keep all of the coins that you collect in said level. You can play as many times as you want in a row (since there is no energy system in this game), so play over and over to collect coins. Go back to old levels and you can collect more gems, too, so long as you win. Plus, if you need more stars to advance, you can earn more stars at the older levels.

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Use the coins to upgrade your characters. Go to the team area and you can spend coins to train specific stats for your minions. Keep training them until their stats improve enough that you can beat levels that you were previously stuck on. Powered-up minions are also better for going to old levels and winning.

Get free diamonds by completing the various missions that the game gives you. You can also earn different gemstones here, but the diamonds are the most valuable thing that you can find. Once you have 25, go to the store and spend them on getting a new 3-star character. Add them to your lineup and even without training, they will give your team a huge advantage.

Head to the arena and you can compete against other players for league rewards. The higher the league that you end up in at the end of the week, the higher your rewards will be (including diamonds). Go to the expedition with the various keys that you earn, and you can earn new rune stones, which aid in upgrading your minions.