Top Tips, Glitches, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Geisha where you play as a robot who rolls snowballs and launches them at other snow-rolling robots. Your goal is to finish as the last robot alive, and to make as many kills as possible. You can earn experience points, rank up, and unlock new skins. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

Your two methods of crashing other players are either running snowballs directly into them or launching snowballs to try to hit them from a distance. In the early stages, a ton of players are on the stage, so it’s a perfect time to get some easy kills. Roll and launch snowballs all around the level, making sure they spend a lot of time on the stage and not just roll into the water. Some will likely hit enemies at random, causing you to get credited with kills.

The larger the snowball, the farther it will launch an enemy. Small snowballs work fine for the very edges of the level, but big snowballs are what you want if you want to send an enemy flying all the way across the level and way off into the water with no chance of recovering.

You earn rank points based on what place you finish in. If you earn enough rank points, you gain a level, and if you gain enough levels to change the color of the stars, you’ll unlock a new skin. You can reach silver rank at level three, gold at level 6, and diamond at level 9.

One weird glitch that sometimes happens in this game is that you’ll still be hanging out on the stage even after the last player dies. If this happens, drop yourself off the stage and you’ll finish in 0th place. You won’t be credited with a victory, but you will earn a gigantic amount of experience points – about 500 in one shot – and you’ll likely rank up multiple times, unless you already are a high rank.

Watch out for pieces of the iceberg falling into the ocean. If one is about to fall, it will flash red. Use this to your advantage, though, by knocking other players onto icebergs that are about to fall. This makes it super easy to achieve victory even with smaller snowballs.

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