– All Skins Guide – How to unlock every secret hidden skin is a new game for the iOS and Android platform that allows you to control snowball-building robots and throw snowball at other players in order to take them out. You can unlock a bunch of new skins as you play, as well. Read on for tips on how to unlock every skin in!

Square Armless Robot: Play again tomorrow (AKA play for two days in a row)
Head Spinning Robot: Play seven days in a row to unlock this one.
Q*Bert Robot: Finish in first place.

France Flag Cube Robot: Finish in first place 10 times total.
United Kingdom Flag Cube Robot: Finish in first place thirty times.
United States Flag Robot: Finish in first place 50 times total
Red, White and Black Robot: Finish in first place 100 times.
Santa Claus: Win the tournament once.

Sledding Penguins: Finish in first place 200 times overall (doesn’t have to be in a row)
Round One-Ski Robot: Knock off more than four players in one single round.
Seal: Beat more than six players in one single round.
Canada Flag Robot: Kill a total of 50 players throughout the game by knocking them off the sides of the levels.

Union Jack Shaped Robot: Kill 100 players total throughout the game.
French Flag Round Robot: Kill 300 players throughout the game.
Skiing Penguins: Kill a total of 1,000 players throughout the game.
Square Robot on Wheels: Make a snowball a total of three-times bigger than yourself (just keep rolling it around and not launching or losing it for as long as you can, and stay small)
Skiing Snowman: Make a snowball 6 times larger than yourself (same tip as above, but for an even longer period of time)

Television Robot on Wheels: Make it to silver rank.
Cube Robot With Arms: Achieve gold rank (level 6)
Round Robot on Rollers: Achieve diamond rank (level 9)
Korean Flag Robot: Achieve Expert Rank (level 12)
Shiny Silver Robot: Achieve Legend Rank (level 18)
Shiny Gold Robot: Achieve Legend Rank 2 (level 19)
Shiny Diamond Robot: Achieve Legend Rank 3 (Level 20)

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