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Roof Rails: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers: Beat All Levels, Gems, and Unlocks Guide

Roof Rails is a new iOS and Android game where you run with a large log in your hand, and you run over other logs to try to widen your own log. You have to avoid hitting lava, buzzsaws, and other obstacles so that you don’t shorten your log. Your goal is to finish each level with the widest log possible so you can get the largest bonus.

Gems are the currency in the game, and depending on how you perform on each level, you can earn increasingly larger amounts of gems. Levels get harder and harder to beat as you get further in, but with our tips, you will beat this game easily.

Your goal is to run from one end of the level to the other. Run over the logs the whole time and avoid the buzzsaws and lava pits. If you have to go over a lava pit, take the shortest route possible so that you lose as little of your log as possible.

To avoid the saws, run as far on the other side of the level as possible. You’re most likely going to lose some log size, but your goal is to try to minimize the loss, not stop it altogether.

The saws that move can be pushed off of the level harmlessly. All you have to do is time your run past them so that the log doesn’t hit the blade. Once you’re directly next to it, move towards it and you will push it off the side of the level.

Gems are the currency of the game, and can be used to purchase new outfits. Use your log to collect as many of them as possible. The wider that your log is, the easier that it is to collect gems.

At the end of the level, you will have to use your log to ride on the rails. Having the widest log allows you to go as far as possible after the finish line. The maximum multiplier is 20, meaning that you will get 20 times the number of gems that you earned in the level.

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After every few levels or so, you will get a bonus level that allows you to earn gems. There will be no obstacles and very few logs to pick up on this one, so pay attention and pick up as many of them as possible, but don’t neglect to get the diamonds, too.

The new outfits that you can purchase offer aesthetic benefits only. There are no performance benefits to these new outfits, so if you don’t care about how your character looks, then you can go ahead and skip them.

There are multiple ways that you can go ad-free in this game. One way is by purchasing the in-app purchase. If you do this, then all of the involuntary ads will go away, but you can still take the advertisement video bonuses to multiply your gems.

The other way to get rid of the ads is to shut off your Internet connection/Wi-Fi, or put your phone or tablet into airplane mode, and then start the game and play it. All of the ads will go away, but so will the advertisement video bonuses, as well.


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