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Speed Stars – Guide Part 2: More Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategies

As we stated in the first half of this guide, when you purchase the full game, you will unlock a number of other racing modes. This is a permanent unlock, and the cost is only $.99, or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency. Additionally, this small purchase will also make all of the advertisements disappear.

The first new mode that you unlock is the 200m race, and the second new mode is the 400m race. Due to these races being two times as long and four times as long as the original 100m game mode, in these modes it is more important to keep a steady consistent rhythm, and you have more room for error as far as a slow start.

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The third new game mode, interestingly enough, is the 60m race, which is significantly shorter than the 100m race that you initially begin the game with. In this mode, unlike the prior to, it is extremely important to get off to a strong start. Bad tapping in the later part of the race can be more easily covered up by getting a very strong start.

The next new game mode, which is a completely unique one, is the 110 m hurdles. The hurdle races are much different, as you have to swipe in any direction on the screen in order to make your character jump over a hurdle, and then continue running with your normal rhythm when you pass the hurdle. The hurdles are also very difficult to time, and initially, you will be knocking them down left and right.

The other new game mode that you can unlock is the 400m hurdles, which are similar to 110, but just like the longer races before, a stronger start is less important than maintaining a consistent rhythm. That rhythm is much more difficult to do because of the hurdle swipes, though, making this a race with a difficult learning curve.

In order to practice your hurdle timing, it’s best to practice on the 400m hurdles rather than 110, because there are so many more of them that you will get far more hurdle swipes per race that you do. With all of these hurdle swipes, you will rapidly be able to build your muscle memory.

These are all of the game modes that exist within the full game so far, but it’s entirely possible that with a future update to the game, another new game mode, or even multiple new game modes, will be put in.

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