Godus – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 6

The other way to get more gems is simply to do the temple or pit of doom trick. Which one you do depends on whether you play the game on a computer, a tablet or a cell phone. If it’s a tablet or mobile, you get the temple of doom. Otherwise, you get the pit […Read More]

Godus – Glitch and cheats for unlimited followers and gems

Godus is Peter Molyneux’s addicting new “god game” for the iOS, Android, and various PC platforms. Your goal is to get as many followers as possible so that you can build your town into the biggest and most advanced country possible. Gems (AKA Diamonds) are the premium currency of the game, and depending on whether […Read More]

Godus – How to get more belief and followers, page 3

There is a slight “glitch” built into Godus that allows you to get an unlimited number of followers without having to take up any extra space. First, you will need to build exactly one settlement. It should still be big enough to support the weight of a large stack of settlements, so mix as many […Read More]

Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats, page 5

5) Don’t forget to boost your builders, farmers and miners. If your workers run out of stamina, then they will stop working, and even if they don’t entirely run out of stamina, the lowering of the bar will still cause them to work slower. If you notice someone lagging behind, tap them and boost them […Read More]

Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats, page 4

10) Want to reset the voyages right away? Set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by one day exactly. Just like with other uses of this trick, it won’t work if you are playing Godus on OSX, Windows or Linux, but it will work if you are playing on iOS or Android. Just […Read More]

Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats, page 3

15) Stop the Astari from coming around and bugging you They’ll often show up, and if you end up in a skirmish, then you’ll need some weaponry in order to get rid of them. Use our god powers. Build swamps to drown them and to block them into their own little area. Use the Finger […Read More]

Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats, page 2

20) Use the time lapse trick to collect your belief right away as well. The same trick works for your belief, or for anything that takes time to complete, such as collecting more wheat or more ore. Set the time ahead and then go back to Godus and collect. Repeat over and over again to […Read More]

Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats

Godus has come across a bit of criticism since it came out for its free-to-play mechanics, but so far it’s been the most popular game on every platform it’s been released. Godus is a god game simulator by the legendary Peter Molyneux and his new studio, 22cans. This being the case, there is far more […Read More]

Godus – How to get more cards, stickers and gems, page 2

Stop your followers from leaving and steal followers from the Astari tribe, too, and your bar will fill up faster. You can do this by using God Seed and Purity Rain as well as beautifying your land, which makes followers insanely happy. Ramp it up especially during Astari festival season so that they don’t steal […Read More]

Godus – How to get more cards, stickers and gems

Godus is the smash hit virtual god game for the iOS, Android, desktop and laptop. While you eventually unlock massive amounts of powers, you need to progress through the game before you do so, which comes from collecting cards. Cards, of course, need to be activated, so you will need to get stickers for that. […Read More]