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Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats

Godus has come across a bit of criticism since it came out for its free-to-play mechanics, but so far it’s been the most popular game on every platform it’s been released. Godus is a god game simulator by the legendary Peter Molyneux and his new studio, 22cans.

This being the case, there is far more depth to this game than to your typical mobile world-building simulator. This is the same guy who did Populous, after all. Read on for the top 25 tips and cheats for Godus!

25) Flatten out your land to maximize the amount of plots that you can build.
You need flat land in order for your followers to build, so for the most successful layout, you want something that looks more like Kansas than California. Flatten out everything that you can, leaving a mountain or two behind so that you can build higher-level abodes later on as you unlock the ability to do so.

24) Maximize belief by clearing out trees and rocks.
To do this, tap your finger down and hold on a tree or a rock and watch it disappear. Then drag it around and clear out more trees or rocks (whichever one you tap first). As you slide your finger around, destroying trees and rocks, you’ll gain extra belief, especially for clearing out rocks.

23) Try to refrain from building farms and mines for as long as you possibly can.
Once you build your first farm, you’ll end up having to pay one wheat for every abode that you build. The same is true for mines – once you build your first one, you will have to pay for ore. You can still build settlements without actually sending your farmers and miners out to build farms, so hold off on the farming and mining for as long as you possibly can for unlimited free settlements.

22) Build your settlements as high as you possibly can.
Use the settlement power over and over again on the same settlement, plus on whatever abodes you build around it. Merge the new abodes into the settlement. Your settlement will build vertically and will barely take up more space on the map, if at all, allowing you a seemingly endless amount of room to grow overall.

21) Complete settlements right away by using the time lapse trick.
This cheat only works on the iOS and Android versions of the game, but it’s still an excellent trick. Set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by how long it takes to build the settlement that you have to wait the longest for. Then go back to the game and it will be completed. Set the time back to normal after you do that and it will still be completed.

20) Use the time lapse trick to collect your belief right away as well.
The same trick works for your belief, or for anything that takes time to complete, such as collecting more wheat or more ore. Set the time ahead and then go back to Godus and collect. Repeat over and over again to absolutely load up on the belief. Repeat as often as you want to, then whenever you want, set the time back to normal and carry on doing what you were doing.

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19) Look for the sparkles on the map, then start digging to find chests.
The sparkles, which kind of look like coins that flutter around like butterflies, hide chests. Start removing layers until you get the chest on flat ground, and then open the chest. Search around the map screen at any point, because new chests appear all the time. Use the time lapse trick to get chests to appear again right away after you collect them all, if you so choose.

18) Increase your happiness in order to keep your followers around.
This is important because if your happiness bar gets too low, then your followers will begin leaving you and joining up with the Astari tribe, especially when they throw a festival. If your happiness bar is raised enough, though, the Astari themselves will begin leaving their colony and joining up with you to become one of your followers instead.

17) How to increase your happiness
Increase your happiness by loading up on the trees using the God seed power. Use the rain of purity and water various spots on your map in order to increase it as well. It’s easy to fill the happiness bar all the way to the top and when you do, your followers will work harder, stay with you and new followers will show up out of nowhere.

16) Stock up on the stickers in order to unlock the cards.
The cards will be earned whenever your population reaches a certain quota, denoted by the filling of the population bar. Stickers are required in order to unlock most of them. You can find stickers by looking for the chests as described in tip number 19, or you can go on the voyages to earn large amounts of stickers in a short amount of time.

15) Stop the Astari from coming around and bugging you
They’ll often show up, and if you end up in a skirmish, then you’ll need some weaponry in order to get rid of them. Use our god powers. Build swamps to drown them and to block them into their own little area. Use the Finger of God to squish them and burn their settlements. Use the meteorite to wreak havoc on their entire territory once you get to it.

14) Want to get rid of the old abodes that you’ve upgraded past, so that they are now irrelevant?
The main way to do that is to, of course, absorb it into a settlement so that it’s out of the way yet it still gives you population. Otherwise, though, send an act of God – preferably the Finger of God – in order to destroy the old settlement that you want to destroy. Then have a builder build on it again so that your resident total can grow.

13) Use leashing to send builders, farmers and miners to areas that they can’t see.
The way that you do this is to tap and hold on a builder, a farmer, or a minor. Then, when the blue circle pops up, drag them where you want to take them. You can also lasso multiple builders, farmers or miners in order to complete the job even faster.

12) Help your followers get where they’re going in the voyages with some clever editing.
Your followers get lost easily, so sometimes it’s not enough just to create a path for them. When they start getting lost, build more layers of land to block them from accessing alternate paths, so that they don’t get lost and they get to the temples more quickly than before.

11) Voyages reset every day, so go on the old voyages all over again daily.
The more voyages that you go on, the more stickers you’ll earn, and the lands will be the same all over again, so you’ll be able to go in knowing which strategies to use in order to finish them quickly.

10) Want to reset the voyages right away? Set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by one day exactly.
Just like with other uses of this trick, it won’t work if you are playing Godus on OSX, Windows or Linux, but it will work if you are playing on iOS or Android. Just set it ahead by one day and then go to the voyage screen and your voyages will be completely reset. Start ’em all over again!

9) Start doing deep-sea editing as soon as possible.
Eventually you’ll unlock the card that allows you to do deep sea grading, which will allow you to turn the entire ocean south of where you started the game into land. This has potential to land you thousands of new residents as well as farms and other goods.

8) After you do god seeding, delete the trees to manipulate the price back down.
The price increases by 10 belief for every tree that you plant, but for every tree that you delete, the price goes back down by the same amount. Happiness does not go down, however. Plant and delete trees over and over to max out happiness on the cheap any time that you want. Keep the trees that are next to your abodes, though, as they speed up the production of belief.

7) Once you are happy with your settlement size, surround it with trees.
Each tree that you put next to your settlement will cause its belief output speed to skyrocket, allowing you to collect from it WAY earlier. If you want to expand it yet again, simply delete the trees and start building more abodes next to it, then bring the trees back after you merge it together again.

6) Put as many builders as possible on a beacon or a big abode.
Putting more builders on something will cause the construction speed to skyrocket. Load up your projects with builders to vastly decrease the time needed to complete them. If your builders are far away, use the leash to make this happen; if not, simply tap any abode that has a solid builder icon above it.

5) Don’t forget to boost your builders, farmers and miners.
If your workers run out of stamina, then they will stop working, and even if they don’t entirely run out of stamina, the lowering of the bar will still cause them to work slower. If you notice someone lagging behind, tap them and boost them back to 100 percent and their work will instantly speed up greatly. This has the side effect of keeping them happy, as well.

4) Look around for wooden boxes in order to earn free gems.
Wooden boxes are hidden better than the gold boxes (the ones that contain stickers) because they don’t typically have the confetti flying over them. Search for them by editing random landscapes; when you find one, tap it and you will earn free gems from it.

3) More ways to get free gems
Right now, the only other way to get free gems is to unlock the card that gives your miners the ability to mine for gems. Then maximize your mines. Other than that, though, the only recourse is to buy gems, although keep on the lookout for limited edition events, which can have free gems as one of the rewards.

2) Look around on the map to see where you should go next.
Look at the areas that are not under your control yet to find out where you should use the beacons to expand to next. You can expand towards mountains, beaches, or even towards the Astari village, and if you get that under your control, you can use your god powers to really mess it up.

1) Keep an eye out for new expansions to be added to the game. Check the last card in the card list for a hint about what it is.
Right now, the last card on the list hints that the Iron Age will be added to the game eventually. Depending on when you are reading this article, though, it could be something quite different later on. Eventually, expect future ages such as the Industrial Age, the modern age, and other interesting additions to the lineup.