Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats, page 2

20) Use the time lapse trick to collect your belief right away as well.
The same trick works for your belief, or for anything that takes time to complete, such as collecting more wheat or more ore. Set the time ahead and then go back to Godus and collect. Repeat over and over again to absolutely load up on the belief. Repeat as often as you want to, then whenever you want, set the time back to normal and carry on doing what you were doing.

19) Look for the sparkles on the map, then start digging to find chests.
The sparkles, which kind of look like coins that flutter around like butterflies, hide chests. Start removing layers until you get the chest on flat ground, and then open the chest. Search around the map screen at any point, because new chests appear all the time. Use the time lapse trick to get chests to appear again right away after you collect them all, if you so choose.

18) Increase your happiness in order to keep your followers around.
This is important because if your happiness bar gets too low, then your followers will begin leaving you and joining up with the Astari tribe, especially when they throw a festival. If your happiness bar is raised enough, though, the Astari themselves will begin leaving their colony and joining up with you to become one of your followers instead.

17) How to increase your happiness
Increase your happiness by loading up on the trees using the God seed power. Use the rain of purity and water various spots on your map in order to increase it as well. It’s easy to fill the happiness bar all the way to the top and when you do, your followers will work harder, stay with you and new followers will show up out of nowhere.

16) Stock up on the stickers in order to unlock the cards.
The cards will be earned whenever your population reaches a certain quota, denoted by the filling of the population bar. Stickers are required in order to unlock most of them. You can find stickers by looking for the chests as described in tip number 19, or you can go on the voyages to earn large amounts of stickers in a short amount of time.

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