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Tap Tap Trillionaire – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Play this game on whatever the largest device is that you own. If you play it on an iPad, it will be easy to tap with ten alternating fingers to earn VERY quick coins, something that is absolutely impossible to do on a phone unless you have very small fingers and a very big phone.

Currently, there is no known way to migrate your account from one device to the other; however, this is a brand new game and like other new games, this one is bound to have more features added with the next update to the game. Account migration should be one of them, or at minimum, Facebook logins; if Facebook logins (or even Game Center logins) are added, then simply logging in will save your game to be accessed on another device.

If you want to earn coins and books very quickly, set your phone or tablet so that the screen never shuts off or hibernates, plug your device into a charger, and then go elsewhere for awhile and let your device sit. You’ll earn books while you do nothing, as well as coins. You can earn coins offline too, while the phone is sleeping or off, but the earnings stop after about 10 minutes.

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Furniture costs a lot of money and/or a lot of gems, but it doesn’t really do anything for your actual performance. Save the purchase of furniture until you have a ton of spare cash to spend, so that you don’t end up wasting money that could have gone towards something useful.

When one of your traders comes to you with a buy offer (the offer will pop up in the upper left corner of the screen), while it will typically give you a less than 50% chance of the trade making a profit, the actual chance seems to be far higher than that. Take a buy offer every time, then wait for a sell offer to appear and take that one too. The more offers you take, though, the more the chances tend to fall in line with the actual percentage chance given.

Notice how your CEO catches on fire when you tap real quickly? Your traders catch on fire when they are earning coins extremely quickly as well. You’ll notice coins pop up at about 8X the usual rate for the moment that they catch fire. Read their profile to see how often they catch fire; while there is no direct stat that tells you this information, you can tell by certain phrases such as “lazy” or “lots of energy.”

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