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Tap Tap Trillionaire – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 4

Purchase the bond and artifact trading licenses whenever you get the chance, too. When you purchase these, they will open up entire new categories of trade for you to engage in. These work exactly the same way as the stocks do, so before you make any sort of purchase, be sure to check the price charts and buy on the low side, so you can sell on the high side later on.

When one of your traders comes to you with a purchase offer, always take that offer. The offer will make you a profit almost 100 percent of the time, despite the stated “chance of success” percentage. What that percentage actually correlates to is the percentage of coins you will earn over what you spent on the investment to begin with if you do win the investment.

If you do lose in one of the trades that your trader offers, then you can spend some gems in order to recover the trade. Don’t spend too many gems trying to recover trades, though, or it can get expensive really quickly.

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You might have better luck doing your own trades, though. Buy low, and then sit there and babysit the stock, waiting to sell it until the refresh comes and the share price increases. If the share price stays the same, then don’t sell. If the share price drops, then buy even more of the stock and keep waiting for the price to go back up. Don’t panic and sell at the first sign of a drop.

If you take enough investment opportunities. you’ll end up seeing one come along once in awhile that offers to multiply your gems instead of your coins. These have a similar chance at winning or losing, but a far bigger reward if you do win in the trade. Take these as often as possible.

In your CEO upgrade menu, there are a few additional skills that you can give your CEO. Ka-Ching moment earns you coins instantly. Automated Trading enables a number of coins per second for a short time. Major Trade earns you a tap multiplier for a short time. Motivational Speech increases the percentage that your traders earn for a bit. All of these costs books, and are not really worth it until they are upgraded a few times, but once you do upgrade them, they pay off.

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