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The Mighty Hero – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

The Mighty Hero is a new side-scrolling RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as the silent hero, whose goal is to quest through levels, level up, craft new equipment, and beat tougher and tougher enemies as you go. You can earn coins and gems, as well as craft new weaponry and equipment, and even potions to help you get farther. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Mighty Hero!

When you play and you lose, if you don’t lose right away, you’ll get that extra video offer to continue the round – sometimes you’ll get up to three of them per round. Don’t take them right away, though – if you do, you will lose the ability to craft because after level 10 you’ll find nothing but two-star versions of the craft materials. If you haven’t unlocked the items that require two-star materials yet, you’ll be completely stuck, as the workshop needs to be leveled high enough to make use of the materials.

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As you unlock more skills, experiment with them and test them rather than just sticking to the old skills. A good rotation is to use the defense skill, and then when it wears off, use the tornado skill to spin through the next round of enemies. Then use the defense skill again, and keep trading off. Never equip a two-handed weapon if you want to maintain the defense skill.

For a big impact on the cheap at the workshop, if you have a lot of one type of material that goes with a cheap item, craft that item multiple times until you get a rare or legendary version of it. Use the videos to reforge the item if you get a broken or a normal one. Plus, the more you forge, the quicker you will level up the workshop.

Hit the endless mode as often as possible once you’re at level 10 or above. You’ll be able to earn some fast rewards there, including rare and legendary accessories, that will make it a lot easier to move forward on the numbered levels. Even if you don’t need whatever the next reward is, play it anyways so that you can go on to the award after that.

If you’re having a tough time and are frustrated with your lack of progress in recent levels, simply take a break from the game for a day. You earn both gold and experience while you’re offline, more as your stats increase, so when you come back, you could find yourself coming back to a level-up and better stats.