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The Walking Dead: Our World – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

The Walking Dead: Our World is a new location-based augmented reality game for the iOS and Android platforms. You’re thrown into the world from the show except that your actual location is where you kill walkers, rescue survivors, and build warehouses to stash people, weapons, and more, as well as earn coins and gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Walking Dead: Our World!

You hardly have to leave the comforts of home in order to play most of the game, because no matter where you are, whenever you open the game, you will usually find a sizable batch of infestations to clear out. In fact, your energy will run out long before you clear out all of the infestations on the screen, most of the time. Once your energy runs out, then you can start hunting for supply crates.

Battles come in various difficulties, with easy ones being no trouble at all, but in order to defeat the difficult battles, you have to be a very fast and accurate tapper. A larger device (iPhone X, 8 Plus or iPad) is far better than a smaller device (iPhone SE etc) for this. Headshots are the most powerful hits, and when lots of enemies are on screen, rapid tapping is required in order to beat them all before your sidekick dies.

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Two of the main card types that you collect from battle are heroes and weapons. Heroes serve as your sidekicks in battle, and when one hero loses energy, you can switch to another one. Weapons, of course, provide your means of dealing damage to walkers. As you earn more cards, you can spend coins to level them up, increasing their overall power, which improves the effectiveness of your heroes and the damage dealt by your weapons.

In addition to the weapon and survivor cards that you find, you can also find perks. Perks are cards that boost various caps to items, energy, etc. Dale’s RV, for example, boosts your survivor cap. Walker Mike increases your cap for building materials. The Sheriff’s Duffel Bag increases your energy cap. Level these up to further increase your cap boosts.

Many types of safe houses can be built in order to alleviate a logjam of survivors. Depending on the type of safe house that it is, dropping off survivors will earn you weapon cards, hero cards, coins, or perk cards. All of these require different types of building coins. Put them in busy areas for the biggest rewards, where people are more likely to play the game.

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