Archery GO: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Archery GO is a new archery game for the iOS and Android platforms. You shoot arrows at targets from a first person perspective, going through level after level, beating new challenges along the way.

The levels start off fairly straightforward, with you simply trying to score a bullseye, but as you go forward and they get more and more ridiculous, with moving targets, following targets, shooting through multiple objects in one shot, and more. Luckily, you have a whole range of bows at your disposal. You can earn coins, gems, and play in multiple different types of challenges.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Archery GO!

In the earlier levels, all you have to do is shoot the arrow straight, or shoot against a very small amount of wind. These challenges are simple, and are perfect for working out you’re aiming. You can redo these challenges anytime you want to if you feel like you need more practice at the easy stuff.

As you go further into the game, though, levels will get a little crazy. You’ll have multiple targets, super high wind, targets will start falling down, you’ll have to deal with moving targets, and other weirdness like that will pop up. So after building up your aiming skills, take on these levels and try to earn three stars on these, as well.

You want to earn three stars on each level; the more stars you earn, the more coins you win when the level is done. You can always go back to a level you have previously played and earn one or two stars on in order to try for even more stars. You earn the same amount of experience points, no matter how many stars you get on a specific level.

After each level, you earn a certain number of coins depending on the star rating. If you want to watch an advertisement video in order to earn more coins, then you can, just as long as you have an internet connection. Early on these video rewards won’t be worth much, but they will as you get further into the game.

If you want much bigger coin rewards, go to the free coins menu and pick a video offer for 1200 coins, or collect your daily reward and then double it. In fact, literally every possible reward in this game can be doubled by watching an advertisement video.

A number of other game modes exist in this game that can be unlocked after getting far enough in target shooting. Adventure mode allows you to take your bow and arrow and hunt animals instead of targets. Round is a multiplayer mode that challenges you against another player for a certain number of rounds. Whoever has the best score wins.

Finally, rush mode it puts you up against another player, and the first one to shoot all of their targets is the winner. You need to be fast for this one, this is arguably the hardest of the two multiplayer modes.

You can purchase a new bow by spending various amounts of coins. Prices range from 2000 coins for the next one up from the bottom, all the way to millions of coins for the best of the best. HBO has different speed and power ratings.

The draw speed rating increases the speed with which you draw a new arrow after you shoot the first one. This is primarily useful for rush mode. The power rating makes your arrow fly straighter against the wind. This isn’t a very important trait early on, but it becomes more important after you get to the tougher challenges, as well as when you unlock adventure mode.

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