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Ayakashi Ghost Guild (iOS + Android): How to get more Magatama (and rare Magatama)

In Ayakashi Ghost Guild, a special type of Daemon card that you can get is the Magatama card. Unlike the other Daemons in the game, Magatama are not a ghost version of a human form. Instead they are a hand crafted element that is specifically designed to level up a ghost. They come in all rarities, from one star to five stars, and they can be specifically designed to level up one type of ghost, such as Phantom, Divina or Anima. Read on to find out how to get more Magatama!

Normal Magatama (the one and two star variety) pop up frequently in the game, and can be acquired just like any other common Daemon. The way to get them is to either do the “free Summon” or to find them in the middle of completing a story. If all four of the Story segment’s prizes (the Divina card, Phantom card, Anima card and Sealstone) have been acquired, and one of them is not a Magatama, then move on to a different story segment. If one of them is a Magatama, then you can get that same Magatama as many times as you want by replaying that story segment.

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You can get a four star Magatama summon simply by going to the Summon Page, and doing two things. First, buy some gold. Then, go to the summon page and buy the “four star rarity Magatama summon”. Like the name says, this will earn you a special, four star Magatama, which will give HUGE experience point bonuses to the card that you mix it with as a mixer card. The higher the rarity of the Magatama, the more experience points it will be worth.

Rarer Magatama can be earned the same way that any other rare card can. One of the best ways is to spend Special Summon Tickets on Special Summons. You’ll find that frequently, two star, three star and even four star Magatama will appear as prizes. While they might not be as desirable as four star Daemon cards, use them to upgrade your pre-existing rare cards for an insanely powerful combo.

Finally, with so many limited time events happening in the game (this is Zyngs we’re talking about, after all), oftentimes brand new Magatama will be added to the game in order to commemorate a season, or simply to play along with the theme of a special event. Rank in the special event, and depending on your rank, you might rank high enough to win some rare Magatama.

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