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Brain Quiz – Test Your Brain: All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1.0: What is the smallest number? The question is asking by font size, so the smallest number is 105.

Level 1.1: What is the biggest animal? The elephant is biggest, since the game is asking about real-life size and not picture size.

Level 1.2: To help the boy cross the street, grab the street with your finger and move it to the other side of the boy.

Level 1.3: To tap the pig that is above the question text, move the text below the pig and then tap the pig.

Level 1.4: To tap on the car to drive it to the parking sign, drag the parking sign to the other side of the rock, and then tap the car to make it go.

Level 1.5: We want to put the elephant into the fridge, so swipe left on the fridge door to open it and then put the elephant inside of it.

Level 1.6: Slide the arrow left to unlock, ignoring the track that makes it look like you have to slide right. slide left.

Level 1.7: To help the driver cross the bridge, knock on the door of the truck by tapping it three times, then hit the go button and he will walk across the bridge safely.

Level 1.8: Which 3 numbers add up to 9? You can tap the same number more than once, so tap 5, 2, 2.

Level 1.9: What is the space number where the car is parked? Move the car to find the number underneath it. It’s 35.

Level 2.0: How many hairs are there? Drag the hair out of the way to remove the fake hair and count the real hair. There are only four hairs.

Level 2.1: Which of the following is inedible? The plate underneath the fish can’t be eaten, so tap on that.

Level 2.2: To find the different one, move all of the pie slices out of the way to find one that has a bite taken out of it already, then tap on it.

Level 2.3: To put everything into the box, put all of the objects into the box including the question itself.

Level 2.4: How many ants are there? To find the hidden ones on the rock, zoom in on the rock to expand it and see the ants. There are 14 total ants.

Level 2.5: To catch both fishes, zoom in on the platform to expand it so that it’s wide enough to catch them both at the same time.

Level 2.6: How many chicks? Move the chickens out of the way to find all of the hidden ones. There are 7 total chicks.

Level 2.7: To create a rectangle, drag the square partially off of the screen and it will become a rectangle.

Level 2.8: The monkey wants to eat the banana, so just drag the banana to the monkey to allow him to eat it.

Level 2.9: To get to the destination, ignore the maze and instead go around the maze until you get to the end.

Level 3.0: What is the value of X? X is 5 + your battery life + 10/2. 10/2 is 5, so the 5 and 10/2 cancel each other out, making the answer your battery life.

Level 3.1: To help the motorcyclist win the race, tap and hold the go button and then use two fingers to hold the two cars back until the motorcyclist crosses the finish line.

Level 3.2: Rate the game whatever you want to go to the next question.

Level 3.3: To click on the menu to go to the next question, look for the word “menu” in light gray hiding in the background.

Level 3.4: The monkey is locked in, so to help him out, turn your phone upside down to make the key fall out of the bucket, then put it in the lock to let the monkey out.

Level 3.5: What is the space number under the parked car again? Turn the phone upside down to find out what the real pattern is, then you’ll see what number spot the car is in.

Level 3.6: That boy wants to drink the juice from the bottom of the glass, so drag your finger along the bottom of the glass to get the juice out, then put it in his mouth.

Level 3.7: To put the shapes in the right positions, zoom out on the circle to shrink it, then put it in the circle outline. Place the other shapes in their outlines as normal.

Level 3.8: No smoking! Tap and swipe on the no smoking sign until the cherry end of the cigarette goes out.

Level 3.9: To create the smallest number, drag the first underscore upward, then type 888 to make it -888.

Level 4.0: Tap on the arrows in the order given, but go slowly so that you can be ready for arrows to move around. For the very last arrow, because the right one won’t appear, wait three seconds and the right arrow will appear.

Level 4.1: The panda is lonely, so tap and hold down on the panda with your finger until a Copy button appears, then hit Copy to make a second panda.

Level 4.2: We need a fish, so hold the phone upside down to drop the fish out of the bucket, then tap on the fish.

Level 4.3: How much cash is in the piggy bank? Tap on it until it breaks. There is 6 cash inside of the bank.

Level 4.4: What is the right answer to the equation 2.2 + 2.2 = ? The level is 4.4, so tap on the level number.

Level 4.5: To turn on all of the lightbulbs on the screen, drag the left lightbulb off of the screen, then hit the button on the far right to turn on the other two bulbs.

Level 4.6: To choose two identical snowman, even though none of the snowmen are actually identical, tap any one of the snowmen twice in a row.

Level 4.7: The little piggy sleeps too much today. To wake him up, hold your finger over his nose for about 5 seconds and he will startle awake.

Level 4.8: To solve the problem bird + worm =, drag the bird over to the question mark, because bird + worm = bird (because the bird eats the worm).

Level 4.9: To help move the bus past the obstacles, shrink it using two fingers, then move it through the clear part of the road to get to the end of the level.

Level 5.0: Click on the yellow rectangle 12 times, without paying attention to the counter (it skips numbers), then tap OK to pass the question.

Level 5.1: To help the ticket inspector check the ticket, rip the two halves of the ticket along the dotted line with two fingers.

Level 5.2: To pass this level, you can either choose to share or not to share the game on Facebook. If it doesn’t work, then reload the level.

Level 5.3: This level is easy. To pass it, just click “here”. Click on the word “here” in the question, not on the button.

Level 5.4: To open the safe, move the safe out of the way to find a key, then stick the key inside the keyhole.

Level 5.5: Where is the mother hen? Swipe the entire screen to the left to find the mother hen on the right side, off of the screen.

Level 5.6: To put the elephant into the fridge again, grow the fridge by zooming in on it, then put the elephant inside of it.

Level 5.7: To help them cross the river, zoom in on the boat until it is big enough to cover the width of the entire river.

Level 5.8: To turn off the light, unscrew the light until it turns off on its own.

Level 5.9: How many holes are in the shorts? There are 7 total, counting the legs, the waist, and the actual holes which are both front and back.

Level 6.0: Which egg is harder to break? Tap both of the eggs over and over until one of them breaks, then tap the one that didn’t break.

Level 6.1: I can’t go in, please help open the door. To do this, put your finger on the fingerprint sensor of the door in order to open it.

Level 6.2: To jump higher than the 200cm point, drag the measuring stick down as far as you can, then when it won’t go down anymore, hit the jump button.

Level 6.3: To erase the picture, rub your finger over the word “picture” to erase it.

Level 6.4: To find the baby chick, pick up and shake the mother hens until the baby chick falls out of one of their feathers.

Level 6.5: To help the boy cross the river, drag the screen to the right with your finger until you find a bridge in the picture.

Level 6.6: How do you get the same amount of wine in each glass? Turn the phone upside down to dump it all out of the glasses, making it so that none of them have any wine left.

Level 6.7: The electric kettle leaks current, so instead of trying to unplug it, hit the red “off” button.

Level 6.8: The dog looks sad, so pet it by rubbing it with your finger until it sticks its tongue out.

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Level 6.9: To help get the toy out of the bottle, zoom out on the toy to shrink it and then turn the phone upside down to drop it out of the bottle.

Level 7.0: To turn the light on, put your fingers on both the broken wires and on the metal part of the lightbulb.

Level 7.1: Can you solve this? 1+2+2+11+2+4+11+2+6+1=42.

Level 7.2: To fix the mistake, take the 1+1=21 equation and rub out the last 1 with your finger until it becomes simply 1+1=2.

Level 7.3: To help bring the fridge out of the screen, zoom in on the hole in the floor, then cut the cord to drop the fridge through it.

Level 7.4: To hide the elephant somewhere, ignore the tent and drag the elephant off of the screen until it goes away.

Level 7.5: To clean the car, rub it vigorously with your finger and ignore all of the cleaning tools that are out there.

Level 7.6: How many rabbits are in the hat? Turn the phone sideways to turn the 8 into an infinity symbol, then press that symbol.

Level 7.7: Tap the numbers in the given order, and screen capture the question. Ignore the first 15, and for the second 15, tap the 15 in the question.

Level 7.8: What is the sum of the largest numbers? The largest numbers on the keypad are 7, 8, and 9, and the sum of those together is 24.

Level 7.9: To find all 8 of the animals, tap on the clouds to make it rain and make the worm come out. Then tap on all of the animals, including the human, then the worm.

Level 8.0: To try to put $25 into the piggy bank, take the $25 out of the question and drag it into the bank.

Level 8.1: To help the car get to the end of the street, move the clouds out of the way to make the sun come out and melt the ice, then tap the car.

Level 8.2: To drive the car to the parking sign again, tap the car and then swipe left on it to make it drive backwards, then it will reappear on the other side of the screen.

Level 8.3: To catch the hamster, put two fingers over the two empty holes, then use a third finger to tap the hamster.

Level 8.4: What is inside of the box? Pick up the box and shake it until a matryoshka doll pops out. Then tap on the doll to pass.

Level 8:5: How many cakes are there? Move all of the cupcakes to find the hidden ones, then start dragging the “clear” sign to make mini cupcakes pop out. There are 13 total cupcakes.

Level 8.6: Who will be the first to open the safe? There is already a thief in the safe, so shake your device to break them out of the safe.

Level 8.7: To find green, put the yellow and blue squares together to make them into a green square.

Level 8.8: Which one would you take? Pick up one of the bills, use it to scoop up the rest of the bills, then put them in his jacket pocket.

Level 8.9: Teacher is coming, so to help him hide the gamepad, put your finger over it for about 10 seconds to hide it.

Level 9.0: To fix the mistake with the arrows, use two fingers to turn the entire wheel of arrows until they are facing in the given directions.

Level 9.1: 6=2, because earlier in the question, 2=6.

Level 9.2: After 2 hours, what number will the hour hand point to? Still 8, because this is only a picture of a clock.

Level 9.3: To charge it, plug your actual, real-life phone into a charger, or place it on top of a wireless charging pad.

Level 9.4: I can’t stand this mess, so to clean it, rub your finger over the red smudges over and over and over until they vanish.

Level 9.5: What is the biggest number on the screen? The largest number on the screen is 9.5, so tap on the level number 9.5.

Level 9.6: To create the biggest number, put the two 0’s into the text box to make an infinity symbol.

Level 9.7: To find the number 6, look toward the bottom right corner of the picture to see a 6 in the sea of 9’s.

Level 9.8: What do you think is the temperature of your body now? Press and hold your finger on the base of the thermometer for awhile to find out.

Level 9.9: To help dry the dress quicker, first take the clouds out of the way of the sun, then grab the dress and shake the water off of it with your finger.

Level 10.0: What is inside of the box? To find out, open it by doing the zoom-in motion with two fingers to lift the lid off.

Level 10.1: To put the elephant in the fridge, take the word “elephant” out of the question and put it in the refrigerator.

Level 10.2: Tom overslept again, so to wake him up, swipe the door to the right and his girlfriend will come in and wake him up.

Level 10.3: To help the yellow dog to win, swap him into the blue car and the cat into the motorcycle, then start the race.

Level 10.4: To find the biggest fire, put one fire on top of the other, then repeat until all of them are merged into one giant fire, then tap the giant fire.

Level 10.5: To continue to watch the live match, move the tiny little mouse arrow on the screen to the small play button in the lower left corner (not the big one in the middle).

Level 10.6: Who is the highest one? The rabbit to the left of the question is the highest one.

Level 10.7: To carefully cut the string without breaking the vase, first, move the brown platform upward by swiping it and place it right under the vase before cutting the string.

Level 10.8: Which of the following can the strong man not lift? Himself, so tap on him.

Level 10.9: We need a paper to write something. Tap and hold the paper clip and then swipe down on the paper.

Level 11.0: To find something you can eat, move the face and the surrounding rays off of the sun and put it on the cloud to make a fried egg. Then tap the egg.

Level 11.1: The monkey wants to eat a banana again, so zoom in on the monkey to increase its size, then walk the monkey over to the tree and jump.

Level 11.2: To find the darkest color, tap the question, which is written in black font.

Level 11.3: To help the chick get out, drag it to the left side of the cage, where it can fit through the bars and out of the cage.

Level 11.4: To make the equation W=V come through, use your finger to wipe out the left side of the W to turn it into a V.

Level 11.5: How many bowls are there on the table? 0, because there is no table.

Level 11.6: To find an empty container, tip your phone upside down to dump the water out of the cup, then tap the cup.

Level 11.7: To make the equation 5+1=1 true, drag the left half of it off of the screen to make it 1=1.

Level 11.8: It’s your turn, so to win the must-win game of tic-tac-toe, tap on the middle and top squares at the same exact time to put down two circles at once.

Level 11.9: To please keep silent, turn your phone volume all the way down and put your phone on mute.

Level 12.0: To get the letter out of the envelope, grab the envelope with one finger and tilt your phone to the right to make the letter fall out.

Level 12.1: Just tap the yes or no button to say whether you have rated the game yet, and then hit next. If next doesn’t appear, hit reload and it will.

Level 12.2: This guy needs some exercise, so to give it to him, tap his arms over and over until he does about 50 push-ups.

Level 12.3: To help free the bird, drag the key to the cage to open the lock, then shake the phone to wake up the bird so that it can fly away.

Level 12.4: To find out what the secret is, turn up your phone volume and you’ll hear it.

Level 12.5: To open the safe again, once again put your finger down on the safe to scan it open with your “fingerprint”.

Level 12.6: To correct the direction, turn your phone to the right to face the right arrow right and the left arrow left.

Level 12.7: To turn on all of the lights, zoom in on the bottom and middle light switches, then tap the switches from bottom to top.

Level 12.8: Where is the mother hen again? Zoom out on the screen to find the mother hen.

Level 12.9: Whose phone is this? Put your finger down on the home button for about five seconds; it’s your phone.

Level 13.0: How do you get her to pay attention to the guy? Take the purse away from her and give it to the guy.

Level 13.1: For you, who is the most good looking? Tap on the word “you“ in the question.

Level 13.2: To make the equation work, solve for 8-x=0. Drag the top half of the 8 over the blank space to make it 0+0 = 0.

Level 13.3: To save the little bird, drag your finger over the little bird for about 10 seconds to hide it from the eagle.

Level 13.4: To wake up the owl, drag the sun off of the bottom left corner of the screen all the way until it gets dark, and the owl will wake up.

Level 13.5: To help the rabbit fall asleep, put both fingers over both of the rabbits ears.

Level 13.6: You have five pineapples, and you ate three of them. How many of them are currently in your hand? Zero, you’re not holding any of them.

Level 13.7: One candle is 40 cm high and takes four hours to burn, while another is 80 cm high and takes seven hours to burn. How long does it take both of them to reach the same height? Seven hours, they will both be burned to nothing.

Level 13.8: A family has six boys, each has a sister. How many total children are in the family? Seven; six boys and one sister.

Level 13.9: To help find the watch, zoom out on the screen with two fingers and it will be to the top left of the rest of the items.

Level 14.0: There are six floors on a building; people go to the first one most frequently, because everybody passes by the first one whether they are going in or out.

Level 14.1: To press 1000, move the green button out-of-the-way to find a 1000 button, and then press it.

Level 14.2: Which object is the farthest from us? The pineapple, because it is physically farthest away from the word “us“.

Level 14.3: What is the secret account number? Put your phone facedown to see it. The easiest way to solve this is to hold the phone over your head while entering the number.

Level 14.4: To help the guy see better, pull the handkerchief out of his pocket and use it to clean off his glasses.

Level 14.5: To create an earthquake of magnitude seven or above, shake the phone super hard until the quake is strong enough for the green checkmark to appear.

Level 14.6: Who lives the longest on earth? Earth lives the longest, so tap the word “earth“ in the question.

Level 14.7: To make the equation 2+3+4+5=6 work, use two fingers to cover the three and the five.

Level 14.8: To find the number six, tap the number 6 in the question, because it won’t appear on the board.

Level 14.9: To solve 1+0.4+0.6=? move the bottom part of the one over to the ? to turn it into 2.

Level 15.0: We want to hide the elephant so that nobody can see it. To do this, flip your phone screen side down for five seconds.

Level 15.1: It takes five minutes to boil one egg; how many minutes does it take to boil three eggs? Also five minutes, boil them together.

Level 15.2: To get an accurate count of how many oranges there are, shake the phone to make all of the oranges fall off of the tree, then count them.

Level 15.3: Which pool will fill up first? Pool 2, because there is a block in the drain that leads to pool 3.

Level 15.4: To press and hold the screen for three seconds, press and hold the word “screen“ in the question.

Level 15.5: To turn on the light, plug your phone into a charger or put it on a wireless charging pad and the light will come on.

Level 15.6: To grill the fish for the cat, put the fish on the fire until the very second that it changes colors, then pull it off of the fire. Don’t burn it.

Level 15.7: What is the value of X? Count the number of holes in each number. For example, 8 equals 2, and 6 equals 1, because that’s how many holes they have.

Level 15.8: To help the car go to the end of the street, tilt the road down or using two fingers to make it roll by itself.

Level 15.9: To make the shapes fit properly, put the asymmetrical red shape in its place, then put the yellow rectangle inside the asymmetrical shaped spot.

Level 16.0: Which one is different, one of the swirls goes in the opposite direction as the rest of the swirls, so top of that one.

Level 16.1: To take everything out of the box, put the word “everything“ from the question into the box, then grab the box with your finger, turn the phone upside down, and shake your phone to make the word fall out.

Level 16.2: What is the direction of the light from the torch? All wrong, because the flashlight is turned off.

Level 16.3: To mix the two different colored liquids together, put your finger over the mouth of the beaker, then shake your phone.

Level 16.4: A snail gets into a line. There are three people in front and four people behind. How many total snails are there? One, because the rest of them are people.

Level 16.5: The little bird is in danger again, so use two fingers to shrink the eagle by zooming out on it and making it smaller than the little bird.

Level 16.6: You want to win this game again, so to win, drag the capital O down out of the question onto the board, then tap the adjacent space to make three in a row.

Level 16.7: To find the destination, drag Pac-Man out of the maze and over to the word “destination“ in the question.

Level 16.8: What is the answer? For each question, do the plus and minus version of the equations, and put the answers together. The answer here is 711.

Level 16.9: What is 50% of 88? Do 50% of the number of digits in 88. The answer is 8.

Level 17.0: Can you solve this? Count the squares minus one horizontal row and one vertical row. The answer for the bottom one is 4.

Level 17.1: How many bees? Count the one that’s flying in the ones that or not. The answer is 12.

Level 17.2: To make the scale balanced, take the animals off of both sides of the scale so that nothing is on it, and both sides will even out.

Level 17.3: What is the biggest number that you can make using just one match movement? 965.

Level 17.4: Where is the circle? Tap the. In the question, because it’s actually a circle.

Level 17.5: What is the largest number that you can make by moving one match? 909.

Level 17.6: What is the missing number? Opposite pairs have a sum of 23, so 8+?=23.

Level 17.7: How do you get the car to the other side of the road? Tap the boulder in the middle of the road multiple times to break it, then tap the car to drive it.

Level 17.8: What time is it? Enter the time in real life, except enter it in military time. 5:59 PM equals 17:59 in military time.

Level 17.9: To find the stars, shake the phone over and over until stars appear over their heads, then tap the stars.

Level 18.0: To turn on the light, put two fingers over the two broken parts of the wire, they use a third finger to turn on one of the switches.

Level 18.1: Which bottle contains soda? Pick up each bottle with your finger and shake them until you find the one that explodes. That one contains soda.

Level 18.2: Which pot is hotter? Put your fingers on all three of the pots at the same time and hold them there for a few seconds until one of them says “hot“.

Level 18.3: Where is USA? Tap on “USA” in the question to find it.

Level 18.4: To find the answer, remove all of the common letters and numbers from both the top in the bottom. The answer is six.

Level 18.5: To help the baby fall asleep, rock your phone up and down gently until the baby goes to sleep.

Level 18.6: To help the monkey get the banana again, drag the question down just above the ground, and have the monkey jump onto it. Use the platform to raise yourself up to the banana.

Level 18.7: To find the answer, add one more digit for each amount that the left number increases. The answer is 54326.

Level 18.8: To make the equation true, forget about any tricks. 17+13+5 = 35.

Level 18.9: The hamburger wants ketchup on it. Turn the bottle upside down with two fingers, then shake the phone to shake ketchup onto the burger.

Level 19.0: The monkey is locked. To help him out, grab the key from the top right corner and put it in the keyhole on the cage.

Level 19.1: Which bucket has water? Turn the phone upside down to spill water out of one of the buckets.

Level 19.2: To solve the equation, the 10 and hundred digit are the hour hand, and the one digit is the minute hand. The answer is 90.

Level 19.3: To tap on the green button five times, tap three times, then when the button turns red, wait for it to turn green again. Then top two more times.

Level 19.4: What is the minimum number of cuts to cut a circle in eight pieces? One, as long as the circle is folded first.

Level 19.5: If you move two matches, what is the largest number you can make? 51,181.

Level 19.6: Don’t happen till the question changes and tells you to tap. Then tap the button.

Level 19.7: To make sure both of them have cake, long press the cake until the copy button comes up. Tap cake, then tap on the outline of a cake to paste the second cake in.

Level 19.8: To count the hair again, tap on the guy to turn him around and count the hairs on the back of his head also. Then count all of the combined hairs.

Level 19.9: Which of the balloons is the strongest? Drag the “skip question” button out of its place and use it to try to pop all five of the balloons. The one that doesn’t pop is the strongest.

Level 20.0: Mom and girlfriend fell into the water, which one do you say First? Tap on both of them at the same time.

Level 20.1: What can be held by the right hand but never by the left hand? Tap “the left hand” in the question because the hand can’t hold itself.

Level 20.2: To turn off the light, scroll the screen to the left until you find the light switch, then tap the light switch to turn it off.

Level 20.3: Which hand is the most different picture? The hand with the index finger pointing up, because it’s the only one that’s a right hand.

Level 20.4: To tap on the green button five times again, tap the green button, then when the red button appears, move it out-of-the-way, then tap the green button again.

Level 20.5: What is the missing number? Subtract the first two digits from the previous number to find out. The missing number is 113.

Level 20.6: To make the equation 9+5=11 true, turn your phone upside down to make it into 11=5+6.

Level 20.7: To tap on the food you can eat, tap on all three edible items at the same time with three fingers.

Level 20.8: The pretty girl is going to change. To stop anybody from seeing her, put your phone screen side down for a few seconds.

Level 20.9: The noise prevents the cow from sleeping, so to help him, turn down the volume on your phone.

Level 21.0: How many triangles are in this shape? 11.

Level 21.1: Please leave me alone for a while. Just ignore the phone for about 10 seconds.

Level 21.2: To write the correct answer, just ignore the rest of the equations and write the actual correct answer.

Level 21.3: please show your patience. All you have to do is wait for about 30 seconds and not touch the screen.

Level 21.4: To find a pig that is different from the other pigs, shake the phone and one of them will fall down and get dizzy. That one is the different one.

Level 21.5: How many chicks? There are 11; one of them is a duck.

Level 21.6: How many watermelons are there? There are 4 three-quarter pieces and 4 half pieces for a total of 5 watermelons.

Level 21.7: The three wrong cards are the eight of black diamonds, the seven of hearts with six hearts, and the nine of clubs with 10 clubs.

Level 21.8: To make the equation come true, take the 20 out of the box and put the 17, 13, and 5 in.

Level 21.9: How many holes does the shirt have? Only four; the front is just a picture.

Level 22.0: What two numbers can make up 8? Tap zero twice, because if you put two zero’s on top of each other it looks like a eight.

Level 22.1: The smallest number that you can make by moving to matches in 658 is 38.

Level 22.2: To put the elephant into the fridge again, zoom out on the elephant to shrink it, then stick it in the fridge.

Level 22.3: Mom and girlfriend fell into the water. Which one will you save? The scenario is only a dream, so shake the phone to wake the guy up.

Level 22.4: The monkey can pick two pineapples per minute. In eight minutes, how many can he pick off the tree? Zero, because it’s not a pineapple tree.

Level 22.5: To open the safe one more time, drag the key from the top right corner of the screen to the safe.

Level 22.6: To open the tablet, simply tap the “home“ button similar to how you would turn on an iPad.

Level 22.7: There is a lost girl, can you help find her? Turn the phone to the left and drag the cloud to reveal her.

Level 22.8: How many squares are there? drag them apart to reveal that there are only three.

Level 22.9: To wake up a little piggy again, shake your phone.

Level 23.0: When I was six, my brother was twice my age. Now I am 10, so my brother is 16.

Level 23.1: To calculate the price, it’s one dollar per single group on the bunch. There’s only nine grapes in the last question.

Level 23.2: To count the number of triangles, count the triangles that are small, and also the big ones that have other small ones inside. The total is 15.

Level 23.3: 1 kg of fish and shrimp cost $125. The fish cost $47 more than the shrimp. How much does the shrimp cost? Subtract 47 from the total price, then divide the result in half.

Level 23.4: What is the value of X? It’s the top number minus the left number times the right number. So in our case, X is 6.

Level 23.5: To find the value of X, add all three answers together, and then divide it in half.

Level 23.6: Which shape has the most sides? The circle; it has infinite sides.

Level 23.7: How many squares in the following picture? There are 13 total.

Level 23.8: If four hens lay four eggs in four days, how many hens does it take to lay 75 eggs in 100 days? Three.

Level 23.9: A carrot and an apple together cost $1.10. The apple cost one dollar more. The carrot costs five cents.

Level 24.0: To solve the question, the crab upside down is nine since the crab is six. So the answer is 11.

Level 24.1: The far right spaces one, to the left is two, to the left is four, and to the left is eight. So the total in the question is 10.

Level 24.2: There is no level 24.2. The game will tell you your estimated IQ range at this point. Stay tuned for answers to any future questions!


Tuesday 12th of April 2022

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Tuesday 24th of November 2020

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