BTS WORLD: Guide Part 2: Advanced Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

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Welcome to part 2 of the BTS WORLD walkthrough and tips guide! Click here to go back to Part 1 of the BTS WORLD walkthrough.

Loyalty Points and the Best Card Draws

As we went over in the first place of the guide, you can do two types of card draws: those with gold coins, and those with gems. For the gem draws, you can either do X1 card for 20 gems, or you can earn x11 cards by spending 200 gems, which is obviously the better deal.

But there’s another bonus that you get with the gem draws, too. You also get something called Loyalty Points, which are a somewhat surprising tertiary currency that can’t be bought; it can only be earned by spending gems on premium card draws.

You can’t earn any with free draw tickets, just by spending gems, but both free and paid gems will earn you loyalty points. You get two points for every 20 gems that you spend. This isn’t a lot at first, and it does take spending a lot of gems to get them, but they earn you the best card draws.

400 Loyalty Points allows you to get an I Am Purple box, which allows you to select a specific 5-star card, which is the highest tier card in the game. 200 allows you to select the Orange Box, which lets you choose a 4-star card. 100 gets you the Blue Box, which nets you a random 4-5 star card.

So go for the Purple and Orange boxes if you are already loaded up on 4- and 5-star cards and you want to earn more of them. Go for the blue box if you don’t have many rare cards and you just want to try your luck.

Card Pieces

When you play in Another Story mode, you earn card pieces, which are different than earning whole cards. Card Pieces work like shards, where if you put enough of them together, you earn a new 3-star to 5-star card.

Play through the entire Another Story line of quests to fill up on the card pieces. This is the only way in the game to select which character you want the card for, but without having to pay any gems.

Limited-Time Events

Oftentimes you’ll see limited-time events pop up in BTS WORLD. They’ll essentially appear whenever the developers want them to. If you see a limited-event appear, tap on the event button to read the news and purpose of the event, and to see what the event entails.

Often, the event will be free gifts; other times, it’s quest rewards for completing a specific subset of actions. Look for new events to appear depending on what the real-life BTS is doing at the time. If they’re releasing a new album or some other material, look for another event to appear shortly.

Photo Album

One of the later things that you’ll unlock in the game is the Photo Album. Complete more stories and missions in BTS Story and you’ll eventually unlock the Photo Album. Once you get there, you can take photos with and of your band members.

The photo-taking isn’t just for fun; you earn rewards from it too. You have to have duplicates of the same card in order to take photos, so do lots of x10 gold and x11 gem draws in order to load up on duplicates.

Once you take a photo, the cards used in the photo will disappear. You’ll earn a special message for taking a photo, as well as an actual hi-res photo. Plus, you’ll unlock mobile events by taking photos. Just be sure that you have enough duplicates that you won’t miss exchanging them instead.

Check Your Mail

Aside from all of the quests and missions that you can collect from, be sure to check your mail constantly. All kinds of rewards get sent to your mail, often for things that you didn’t even realize that you did. Gems are included in this.

How to get the most free gems

There are a lot of ways to get free gems in this game, from quests to achievements to mail; however, arguably the best way to get free gems in BTS WORLD is to simply keep collecting your daily login rewards.

Most days, the rewards won’t be gems, but around every seven days or so, you’ll earn 100 free gems. That means that after two weeks, you’ll have enough gems just from login rewards to execute a x11 gem summon. That’s on top of all of the free tickets you get daily for single gem summons.

The login rewards reset after you finish them. So it’s entirely possible to do enough gems summons to earn the loyalty points for a Blue Box, Orange Box, or even an I Am Purple box after enough time spent playing, without even having to spend any money.

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