World of Kings: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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World of Kings is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms that focuses far less on the pay-to-win mechanics than the other MMORPGs that you might be used to. You can pick a character from one of nine different classes, choose a character of the race of your choice, and awaken your chasses for all kinds of new subclasses.

You can gain experience points and craft all kinds of new items, as well as earn a number of currency types throughout the game, such as gold. Plus, you can earn pets to boost your stats and give you a little buddy to go with you on quests.

Read on for some tips and tricks for World of Kings!

Picking the right class for the role that you want is important. You can either be a tank (high defense), a DPS fighter (high offense), or a healer/support troop, and you’ll select a role to play in dungeons, so always pick accurately for what class you are.

Clerics, Paladins, and Archers are in the support/heal group and can all be transferred back and forth between one another, although side roles, such as tanking for the Paladin, also factor in. Mages, Wizards, and Dark Sages are magic dealing DPS characters, and can all be transferred between one another.

Warriors, Fighters, and Rogues are stronger physical attack and defense types in general, and can all be transferred back and forth from one another. Class transfers can be unlocked at level 60, and then you can move freely between classes. At level 40, you’ll be able to unlock subclasses for all nine of these classes.

There are a ton of ways to get experience, gold, equipment, and other goodies. Questing is the main way, of course. The story quests should be your first stop, as they are easy for a good chunk of the game, they’re worth quite a few rewards, and they teach you about new aspects of the game. Later on they’ll become difficult, but by that point you will already be in a more advanced stage of the game.

Other quests include side quests, guild castle development quests, event dungeons, the Path of Erudition, and going on raids with your guild. In particular, participate in the events as often as possible. Events are the most likely to contain limited-time rewards worth a ton if you win, and even if you lose, you typically still get some form of a reward.

Daily login rewards are one of the many types of rewards that you can earn throughout the game. You can also earn rewards by running off course and searching around whatever level you decide to play. Look for crafting components, gem chests (and chests with other rewards), and books, which can boost your stats when you collect a set of them.

Once you hit level 15, you’ll be able to upgrade your skills. Make sure to give your favorite – and even your least favorite – skills the right amount of upgrades and you will be able to customize and upgrade the way that you play. You can also modify your battle priority, essentially telling the auto-battle AI what to do, so that you can make the most out of your skills.

One of the quickest ways to earn a ton of gold is to sell anything that you don’t need. Sell whatever raid drops you don’t need, sell shards that are incompatible with your class and that you don’t plan to change classes for, and sell pets that you don’t need or want. And be sure to sell as many useless craftable armor pieces as possible on the trade/consignment market. You’ll get gold and reputation by doing this.

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