Cats and Cosplay: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Cats and Cosplay is a new tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms where you, your cats, and your costumes battle it out against a horde of enemies ranging from slimes to bats, all the way up to giant slime monsters that are nearly impossible to kill. You can earn coins and upgrade your squad, yourself, and your costumes, and even more beyond that. Read on for some tips and tricks for Cats and Cosplay!

Unless you are playing in kids’ mode, this game can be far tougher than many of the other tower defense games out there, and this begins right off the bat. A few things to remember; don’t neglect your Yarnball towers, or else you’ll end up letting every flying thing through. Drone pilots, though, can burn multiple enemies at the same time, and doing massive damage. The DJ slows down every enemy in its radius, which an multiply the overall damage done by your other towers.

Use your cat and your main character to slow enemies down, too. Cluster your initial towers closely together with the Drone Pilots in the front and Yarnballs in the back, with the DJ either in the middle, or parallel to one of the front two towers. Move your cat and your main character up there, and let them pick fights with every ground person they come across. When they fight an enemy, they stop it in its tracks, giving your towers far more time to destroy it.

Don’t let enemies drain the health of your main character all the way. When its health gets low, move your character back a bit so that he can recover health. His health recovers just as quickly as it does when he’s killed, but you can move him back toward enemies at any time in order to resume battle. Save your super punch until you have a huge crowd of enemies that you can use it on, too.

There are a ton off bonuses that you can earn by watching ad videos in this game. You can earn two free energy at once, or you can earn 50 cat coins. Additionally, go to the upgrades menu or the costumes menu. Every single upgrade or cosplay costume you can unlock merely costs you ad videos, instead of costing you actual currency. Upgrades’ benefits are obvious, but costumes boost your stats, as well.

Whenever you need a boost of experience points or coins, go back to the levels that you’ve played before. Pick the one with the best combination of lots of coins and easy victory, since three-starring a level provides the best prizes. You can also go back to levels that you haven’t gotten a high score on, and work on three-starring them too.

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