Dark Dot: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Dark Dot is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you in control of dot-shaped fighters. You can control their formations and their weapons of choice, collect orbs, Aether, and Elemateria, and morph new dots to bolster your team.

You can modify your team and choose formations to work around obstacles, level them up and evolve them, and build the best team to deal with destroying enemies, crystals, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dark Dot!

In battle, your best basic formation is to either draw a small circle or a small square. These are good because your team will make a small footprint, thus making it easier to avoid enemy attacks, but being crowded together will make it so that more attacks will rain down on the enemies that you target.

When choosing which attack to use (which you can do at any time in the middle of battle), take into consideration the specific attack’s effectiveness and the affinity with your team’s elements. Also, though, take into account the shape of the attack. Dark attacks are a straight shot, for example, while electric attacks are close range, and water attacks do splash damage (pun intended, maybe?). This makes it so that different attacks are more effective against different enemy teams.

When you see various stone formations on the ground, though, reshape your formation so that you can touch all of the connected ones at the same time. If you do, you’ll get a 2x multiplier for all of your attacks, so if any enemies are within range, you’ll make short work of them.

In order to get three stars on a level, you need to finish with all of your dots intact and without having used a break. If you finish the level, you earn one star. Finishing with all dots intact earns you another star, and finishing without using a break will earn you your third star.

Some crystals have attacks of their own, while some will just sit there and let their minions attack you. For the former, use hit and run tactics and a small-footprint formation. For the latter, kill off the minions first, so that you can attack the crystals without getting badly damaged.

Be sure to take the free morphs as often as possible. Take the paid morphs too, but wait until you have 10x available for the common ones and the rare ones whenever practical. Common x10s cost 2,000 elemateria, and rare x10s cost 800 Aether. Take a x10 common morph for a guaranteed 2 star darklet, and take a x10 rare one for a guaranteed four star darklet.

When building your team, fill it with the rarest ones possible, first and foremost. Rarity is paramount because it means that stats will be higher and it means that each level-up will be worth a bigger boost.

For uncommon morphs, it requires specific elemental orbs. You can do earth, fire, water, or wind, based on what orbs you get. You can spend 800 orbs for 10 of that specific elemental for a guaranteed three-star rarity; however, that tends to be the most impractical summon of all since there are so many different types of orbs to earn.

In the team menu you can level-up, evolve, or sell orbs. Selling is usually worthless unless you need to clear space. For leveling up, you need to spend a lot of extra morphs just for one level, so it isn’t usually worth it. For evolution, your morphs will be grayed out unless you have all of the necessary evolution materials, so keep checking back to see when one of them earns it.

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