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Eatventure: Full Equipment Blueprint Guide – List of Ingredients and Merge Combinations

Eatventure is one of the most popular mobile cooking games for the iOS and Android platforms. Throughout the game, you will come across all kinds of equipment of all rarities, from common to rare all the way up to legendary and ultimate. Legendary and ultimate are the strongest types of equipment, but they are also the hardest to get, because they require you to merge specific equipment together in a blue print format in order to unlock them.

Read on for a full guide to all of the blueprints and what you need for all of them in Eatventure!

To preface this, in order to complete a legendary blueprint, you will need two epic items and three rare items. In order to complete an ultimate blueprint, you will need one legendary item, two epic items, and three rare items. The needed items differ depending on which blueprint it is; all of the required items for all of the blueprints are listed below.

Black Apron: Purple Apron x2, Tux x3

Barrel: 2x Box, 3x Yellow Hoodie

Italian Chef: 2x Robe, 3x White Apron

Kimono Black Belt: 2x Kimono White Belt, 3x Bow Tie

Tank Top: 2x Black & White Sweater, 3x Blue Hoodie

Robot Suit: 1x Italian Chef, 2x Purple Apron, 3x Yellow Hoodie

Royal Robe: 1x Kimono Black Belt, 2x Robe, 3x Tux

Shark: 1x Black Apron, 2x Kimono White Belt, 3x Bow Tie

Tool Belt: 1x Tank Top, 2x Black & White Sweater, 3x Blue Hoodie

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Purple Cap: 2x Hood, 3x Cool Cap

Tall Black Hat: 2x Black Chef’s Hat, 3x Cone

Elder Beard: 2x Mafia Hat, 3x White Hat

Irish Hat: 2x Red Glasses, 3x Fireman Hat

Sushi Mater: 2x Tall Hat, 1x Sushi Hat

Torch Helmet: 1x Irish Hat, 2x Red Glasses, 3x Fireman Hat

Royal Crown: 1x Elder Beard, 2x Mafia Hat, 3x White Hat

Robot Head: 1x Purple Cap, 2x Hood, 3x Sushi Hat

Shark (head): 1x Tall Black Hat, 2x Black Chef’s Hat, 3x Cool Cap

Chef’s Cleaver: 2x Wok, 3x Scooper

Chopsticks: 2x Pizza Cutter, 3x Ketchup

Cook Book: 2x Mug, 3x Pasta Spoon

Mixer: 2x Whisk, 3x Cheese Grater

Pepper Mill: 2x Rolling Pin, 3x Broom

Anchor: 1x Cook Book, 2x Pizza Cutter, 3x Pasta Spoon

Laser Gun: 1x Mixer, 2x Whisk, 3x Cheese Grater

Pickaxe: 1x Chopsticks, 2x Rolling Pin, 3x Ketchup

Royal Sceptre: 1x Pepper Mill, 2x Mug, 3x Scooper


Thursday 3rd of August 2023

Would be nice if you listed what quality each of the items were