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Evolution: Battle for Utopia – Cheats and Tips: The Strategy Guide

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a brand new and completely massive real time strategy RPG for the iPhone and iPad. The cut scenes are nothing short of majestic, and the main adventure is huge. Not only that, but unlike many F2P games, this one is extremely playable and not frustrating at all even without spending any money. Still, it can get tough at times. Read on for some tips and tricks for Evolution: Battle for Utopia!

-Whenever you have construction going on, set the time ahead by however long it takes to finish the construction (or research, or whatever you have going on). Go back to the game and you will have completed the construction instantly.
-The same trick works for recovering health after a battle too. If you don’t want to mess with the time, though, just sit back and let your health recover before going into a tough battle.

-However, for some reason, the trick doesn’t work with the resource collection.
-Whenever you collect an item, clear a blue anomaly, or earn a reward, you don’t have to tap it. Wait for it for about fifteen seconds and you will automatically collect it without having to tap around.

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-In battle, when you’re reloading, tap to stop the slider slightly before the wide white area (the damage bonus area), because the game’s collection/tap detection is somewhat delayed. Tap a split second early and you’ll stop it on time.

-When there’s a lot of stuff going on in battle and you can’t focus on all of it, typically you should focus on that which does the most damage to your character (such as grenades). The powerful enemy attacks are first priority, even over reload bonuses and enemies aiming at you.
-If you want to take a defensive approach to battle, hide behind a shield the whole time, let your pet shoot at the enemies, and just sit there, catching grenades whenever you have to, and you’ll take no damage.

-There’s many different hacking puzzles in the game, so pay close attention to what you have to do. For example, if you have to memorize numbers, expect them to flutter around. If you have to connect various colored dots together, map out a plan before you begin and get the shortest lines done first.
-With the story puzzles, place the biggest pieces first to make it easier to solve. You’ll get unlimited tries to solve it, though, so essentially, keep putting pieces down until you find something that works.