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Fishing Clash: List of Gift Codes and How To Find More of Them

Fishing Clash is one of the most popular and enduring fishing games for the iOS and Android platforms, with realistic graphics, relaxing fishing for one, and events and championships that allow you to win all kinds of new rewards. You can win pearls, coins, and more, and load up on rods, lures, and other goodies.

One way to get rewards is to use the Gift Codes that are often given out for the game by the developers for various reasons, including promotional purposes, special events, and rewards for longtime players. Enter them in, and for the ones that are working, you’ll receive absolutely free gifts.

Read on for a list of gift codes for Fishing Clash and ways to find more of them!

To redeem the rewards for gift codes, first, you have to click on the hamburger menu at the top right corner of the screen. Right there, the last option will be Gift Codes.

Tap that option, and a text box will pop up, and when it does, just enter in a code and then hit the Claim button and you’ll get your rewards. Try this with all the gift codes that you can find. This process is the same whether you play on iOS, Android, or on your desktop PC or Mac using a Bluestacks Android emulator (click here to download Fishing Clash on Bluestacks)

The main way to find more gift codes is to keep tabs on the Fishing Clash Facebook page, which is one of the most popular official game-related pages on FB with over 100,000 followers. They frequently pass out gift codes through this page.

Subscribe so that you can see new gift codes on your FB feed, and so that you don’t miss any. That’s how frequently they hand them out. Blink and you’ll miss them, Because they often tend to expire fairly quickly.

Check the comment section on posts too because players will sometimes share a code there just in case other players missed them. It’s not often that you will find an extra code there, but every once in a while, you will.

Another excellent source for gift codes for Fishing Clash is going to be the Clan Chat. Join a clan and oftentimes players will trade codes with one another; usually, they’re codes that you might have missed. If you are not part of an active clan, then leave the one that you are in, find an active one, and then join them. Never be afraid to leave a slow clan.

Hit the Fishing Clash Subreddit, too. This page will be absolutely loaded with players asking about codes, and as popular as this game is, there will be plenty of players sharing their own codes too. If you have a code or two that you don’t see posted yet, be sure to share it here, as well.

Go to the Fishing Clash Discord page, too. Search for “gift codes” or “redeem codes” or even just “codes” and then see what pops up. Most likely, you will see a lot of posts my other players asking for codes, but sift through them and you will find Posts where players give out codes, as well. As always, be sure to share any codes that you have if you don’t see them posted there already.

Keep an eye out on Youtube and Twitch, and on other sources for streamers (FB Video, etc) for livestreams and recordings of livestreams for Fishing Clash. Streamers usually tend to have gift codes that nobody else has, so for the best chance of unique codes, check out the streams.

Check the review sections of the App Store and of the Google play store. There are a ton of reviews for this game, and new reviews are always being posted my players, so your likelihood of finding a player who has posted a code or two is pretty good. You can also start the ball rolling by posting codes as part of your review on the review page for whichever platform you are on.

You can also check the App Store on any platform that you’re not using simply by accessing them in your browser. You can read all of the reviews that you want and find as many codes as you want; the only thing that you cannot do is post a review of your own.

Check the comment section on any source above that has one, especially YouTube and Reddit, as well as Facebook. These are the most likely comment sections where you might find codes posted by another player, but these aren’t the only ones.

For any of these codes that have non-Roman characters or that you don’t have a keyboard for, all that you have to do is copy and paste them into the gift code box in order to redeem them.

As follows, here is a list of gift codes for Fishing Clash:

loot: Go to the menu and enter this into the Gift Code box to get a free pack containing 10+ gifts, upgrades, and more.


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Expired codes:




























None of these codes are case-sensitive, but almost all of them are time-sensitive. That means that they only last a limited amount of time, so enter them quickly.

Whenever you need to look for new gift codes, hit up any of the sources listed above. Also, bookmark this page and keep an eye out for updates, and check the comments frequently.


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