Game of War: Fire Age – Top 10 Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

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Welcome to the top 5 tips and tricks for Game of War – Fire Age! Click here to go back to tips 6 through 10.

5) Help alliance members complete their construction projects, and they will help you complete yours.
Send any of your upgrades and new buildings to your alliance for help, and they will tap on your projects to decrease the amount of time that the upgrade will take. Do the same for your alliance members. This will not only give you a good name in your alliance, but it will earn more funds for the alliance, so that your alliance can buy more bonuses and goods.

4) Want to take the Wonder? First, take out all of the cities around it.
This is definitely something to do with your alliance. Form up the armies of your alliance (if you are the leader), and send the combined forces to where the wonder is. The alliance that owns the wonder will have taken a number of cities and teleported them to the forest around the wonder. These cities are usually VERY strong, so take the allied forces and pick off cities, one by one. Cities in the mystic forest will be force-teleported to random locations on the map when they are beaten in battle.

3) Upgrade your Gymnos.
Your what? Yeah, if you’re like most players, you may have forgotten about the Gymnos – but if your hero is captured and killed, you’ll REALLY regret not having it upgraded. If your hero is killed, the Gymnos will transfer a percentage of your old hero’s experience points to your new hero. The higher the upgrade, the higher the percentage. If you haven’t built it or your Gymnos is at level 1, you’ll essentially be forced to start over.

2) Build more hospitals and upgrade them.
Why? Because without hospitals, your troops will be killed when they’re wounded. At the hospitals, you can save the troops that get wounded in battle. Check your hospitals after every battle for wounded troops. Go to each hospital and heal your troops.

1) Upgrade your Warehouse as high as possible.
When your warehouse is upgraded high, this will do more than ANYTHING else to deter other players from attacking you. Every upgrade level lets your Warehouse store 50,000 extra of every resource – for example, a level 8 warehouse stores 400,000 of each of the following: food, wood, stone and ore. You can’t protect silver, though.

BONUS TIP: Run and hide to avoid losing troops.
When your army isn’t strong, or when an INSANELY strong player is coming for you, and you know your army is screwed, send them off to an encampment on an empty space or send them on a raid mission so that they miss the battle. Heck, send them on a raid mission to the kingdom of whoever is raiding you, to really screw them. Or, go attack a wild if you have open space for more wilds. Then bring them back when the battle is over.

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