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Guns Royale – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Guns Royale is a new battle arena game that takes gameplay similar to that of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (and its countless Netease clones) and gives it graphics similar to Minecraft or even Crossy Road. Your goal here is to remain alive for as long as possible, to become the last player standing, and then to use the coins and gems that you earn along the way to purchase everything from new costumes to performance upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Guns Royale!

At the early portion of the stage, you’re going to want to try to collect as much equipment as possible. Each bit of equipment that you collect will increase your equipment score. In addition, your character will automatically equip the best piece, although you’ll be able to switch equipment at will, which is especially important in the case of guns.

In the early part of the round, try to stay in the shadows and hide. At this point, the stage will be biggest, and the number of players in the stage will be at its highest. Stick around until the poison gas begins to appear and the stage begins to shrink. Then stay within the safe area and start hunting down and killing other players; it will be easier to do at this point.

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When you are directly engaging another player, be sure to not let yourself become a sitting duck. If you do, they will annihilate you before you get the chance to annihilate them. Practice shooting and running at the same time, so that you can keep your aim on the other player while simultaneously avoiding their shots, and duck behind things as needed.

Coins and gems are the two different currencies that you can collect in the game. Gems are the premium currency of the game, and thus, the rewards that they buy are the ones that will have the greatest effects. You can use gems to improve your speed or armor, upgrade your ammo capacity, or to buy/upgrade a coin multiplier.

Coins, unlike gems, will only buy cosmetic upgrades. Use your coins to upgrade pieces of your costume. One thing that doesn’t cost coins, though, is to change the starting shape of your character. Go to the customization screen and tap on the far left button, which is the starting shape, and you can change it. You can choose between numerous male and female choices.