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Kung Fu Panda: Battle of Destiny – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Kung Fu Panda: Battle of Destiny is a new card-battling game for the iOS and Android platforms by Ludia. It’s similar to Hearthstone in style, in that the only goal of the game is to compete against other players for dominance in the tournament-heavy world of the game. You have a ton of cards to start out with, and you get even more cards and more characters as you earn gold. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kung Fu Panda: Battle of Destiny!

There is a huge number of cards that you can pick for your decks. The only way to know which ones are the best are to experiment and make multiple decks; Do at least one for every hero that you have unlocked, and preferably do multiples for each hero.

Don’t just take into account what the attack and health stats are for a particular card; check out their secondary skills and characteristics also. The right set of secondary characteristics can enhance your entire deck, not just your one card, and make it easier to dominate against the opposing player’s card deck. Hit the collection area to create all of the card decks that you want to.

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To earn more gold, hit the quests area to look at what you have to do to complete all of your quests, and then set about completing them one by one. Collect your rewards and watch the gold add up and add up, and then when you have enough, go to the shop in the game, and purchase one or more new decks of cards. One deck costs 200 coins; the multi-deck packs can be purchased in the IAP store using real-life money.

Right now, if you want to practice with your current hand of choice, you can go to the practice area and play against the computer by picking the “sparring partner” option. With a future update in the game will come the ability to spar against the deck of a random player. Set the auto-download updates option on your phone or tablet on so that you don’t miss an update.

Every time that you do get a new pack or a new card, go back through your deck and skim through it to figure out if you can replace an old card with the new one to get a better effect. However, it won’t always happen. Sometimes there will be no improvement to be had. Other times the improvement will come not from your new card, but from an older card that might have gotten overlooked.