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Midnight Star: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Midnight Star is a new sci-fi themed first person shooter for the iPhone and iPad. Industry Toys, the creator of the game, was founded by one of the people behind Halo, and it shows as this game has blatant aspirations of being the next sci-fi Doom clone megahit. While it starts off fairly easy, this game can become difficult, as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Midnight Star!

This is a game with some very in depth storytelling, and a lot of it is stuff that references events that never happen in the game itself. While 90% of you will be playing this for the shooting and not for the story, for those who are interested in the story you can find clarifications in the graphic novel Midnight Rises. This is available in the iTunes store and it ties in with the game, filling in all of the holes that the game leaves open.

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Each weapon has a different way of aiming. For example, the pistol early on will shoot exactly where you tap, while the machine gun will shoot just above where you tap and hold, ostensibly to prevent gamers from “cheating” and using the assault rifle as a pistol substitute since they fire at the same speed, with similar power and similar accuracy. Work out where to tap though, and unless the target is real low on the screen, you can always use the machine guns as pistol substitutes, and save ammo while you’re at it.

Make judicious use of the force field to stop yourself from getting killed. You can activate the force field by tapping on the screen with two fingers at a time. It will block incoming projectiles, but of course, that means you have to pay attention to the projectiles in the first place. So keep an eye on the turning icons on the sides of the screen and what color they are. Green means you are safe, while red means you are in danger.

You have a number of different currencies such as catalyst, tech points and element, all of which go to various uses, but tech points, which are used to upgrade your equipment, are some of the most important. You’ll earn lots of tech points as the game goes on, so always try to have some kind of upgrades in the works since they take time to complete.

If you are stuck on a stage or just bored, go back to an old stage and play it again in order to grind for more currencies and other goods. If you’re up for a challenge you can also increase the difficulty level, for bigger rewards.