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Mr. Go Home!: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Mr. Go Home is a unique new iOS and Android game that pays tribute to Super Mario Bros with platforming gameplay featuring all sorts of pitfalls, obstacles, and surprises, all of which you must pass in order to make it to the next level. You can play in Easy, Normal, Hard, and Nightmare mode, each with their own sets of levels. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, and tricks for Mr. Go Home!

When you begin a level, always start off by expecting the unexpected. Many levels have hidden traps and other hidden things to look for, such as blocks and bricks, or even spikes. You’re going to need to play most levels multiple times until you beat them, so be prepared for many restarts on the same level much of the time.

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Always pay attention to the hint that is given at the beginning of the level. The hint can indicate what to look for in the upcoming level and what to do to get past the obstacle. Every level has its own new hint at what’s coming next or what to do in order to get to the house.

Whenever you lose at a level, if you have an internet connection, you will be given the option to start again. Also, if you ave an internet connection, an option will pop up right after the level is done asking you if you want to watch a video for a reetart. If you have no connection, the video won’t play, so keep on one you as often as possible, especially if you get pretty far in and then have to restart.

In addition to that, you can also use the hint button to get a clue on how to beat the level. The hint button pop up appears when you die on a level, and if you tap it, a video plays and you get one hit. Wath the next video in line and you’ll get a second hint, as well, but if you have no connection, it will be grayed out.

Some levels have tasks that require crazy trickery to beat, like using the phone capabilities or thinking outside of the box. Sometimes the goal will be to go backward on a level instead of forward, and win that way. Other times, you’ll have to do something like tap your finger on the screen where a door is located in order to knock on it and be let in.


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