Party.IO: Ultimate Tips, Cheats, Unlock All Characters Guide

By | 20190108

Party.IO is the latest casual arena game for iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to be the last one left standing on the level. In this case, you accomplish this by throwing other players off of the level and by not getting yourself thrown off the level. You get plenty of different courses to play on, as well as a massive amount of new characters to unlock. Read up for tips, cheats, tricks, hacks, strategies, and a guide on how to unlock all the characters in Party.IO!

Once you start your character moving, they will keep going on their own, so there is no point in continuously holding your finger down on the screen. Instead, swipe to change directions. It doesn’t matter what part of the screen you tap, just as long as you do the swipe. Your character will change directions perfectly, far more accurately than if you just hold a finger down on the screen.

You can unlock a new character every time you are the last one standing in the level. You have to have an internet connection, though. The character will become available, but you have to watch an ad video in order to unlock it. Watch the video and the character will then be unlocked permamently. The unlocks aren’t random; the game works its way down the given list of characters.

When you’re walking toward a big group of players, an easy way to avoid getting picked up and to pick someone else up is to tap the screen rapidly. Do this and as soon as another player is within your contact range, you’ll pick them up, and the vast, vast majority of the time, you’ll pick them up before they get the chance to pick you up.

Tapping is what causes you to pick up a player, and then when you’re carrying a player, tap again to throw them. If you are tapping too quickly, you’ll throw them before you get the chance to aim, but you can still swipe to change directions while your character is winding up to hurl the other character off of the level. Do this if you are anywhere close to a wall, so that you can make quick tosses and launch other players offstage quickly.

If you pick someone up and then don’t throw them for awhile, you’ll drop them and they’ll get back up. If you throw someone and they don’t launch off of the level, they will get back up after a few secoonds. The same is true if the same thing happens to you, and you can influence bad throws or drops when you’re being carried. Tap the screen rapidly, over and over, while another player is holding you, to increase your chances of being dropped or being soft-tossed and staying on the level.

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