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Qubes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Qubes is Ketchapp’s newest game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play on an endless mountain that looks like something out of Q*Bert (hence the name Qubes), bouncing a ball as far as you can without launching your ball straight off the mountain and ending your round. Read on for some tips and tricks for Qubes by Ketchapp!

Watch out for the various traps and power-ups that show up on the stage. The holes, of course, put you at risk of falling right through. The target-shaped print on a block will bounce you two squares instead of one. Pick up a green square and it will make a path for you to follow. A purple square will fill in holes to either make it easier, or to simply make it possible to pass a big gap.

Tap before your ball hits the next square when you want to change direction. The game is fast-paced, so it is very easy to accidentally tap too late and miss the jumop, or to jump on the square after the one you intended to jump on. Get the timing of your jumps down perfectly and it becomes very easy to equal or beat your high scores.

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You can get free gifts full of coins, which is the fastest way to earn them as you get between 150 and 250 coins at a time usually. Set the push notifications/reminders in order to have the game alert you as soon as a free gift is ready to be picked up. Once it’s ready to acquire, go get it and the countdown will reset itself. Unfortunately, the time lapse cheat doesn’t work on this game.

Another way to do so is to earn free coins by watching ad videos. The ‘earn coins’ pop up will appear randomly after rounds, so when they do, if you have an internet connection, tap them in order to earn around 50 free coins per video. If you don’t have a connection, you have to earn your coins by the free gifts or in each round itself.

You can get new balls for 250 coins apiece. The gift box will be randomized like a roulette, and once you open it, a new ball will pop out with a different shape, such as an orange, a monster, or just a marble with different colors. They don’t change the gameplay at all, just the appearance of the ball.