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RacerKing: Cheats, Tips, First Place Strategies, Get Coins, and Unlock All Cars

RacerKing is a new arena-based racing game where you drift around a square, as do the other cars, and the platforms behind your car fall down. If other racers fall into them, they lose, and if you fall into the ditches that they create, you lose.

Read on for a guide to getting all cars, getting more coins, and – most importantly – finishing in first place every time in RacerKing!

Turning is great, but jumping is what will really help you win races. Tap on the screen to make your car jump. You can jump over ditches and other cars in order to avoid getting knocked out.

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You can also jump on top of other cars. When you do this, sometimes you’ll send them flying in a random direction, and sometimes in a specific direction. Either way, this gives you a great shot at avoiding falling into the ditch.

If you see yourself heading into a ditch and you think you aren’t going to make it, start tapping rapidly to increase your chances of jumping. You can jump literally the second that you hit the ground, so if you have even a tiny little bit of your vehicle touching a platform, you’ll jump, and oftentimes, you’ll escape your fate when you do.

Occasionally, as a glitch, your car might get stuck in the side of a platform and you won’t lose, but you’ll be millimeters away from losing. If this happens to you, then stay put for awhile and let all of the other cars beat each other. The last car will then fall off of the side of the level while trying to beat you.

You get the same amount of coins per level no matter whether you finish in first place or fourth place. If you watch the ad video offer, then you’ll triple your coin earnings and get 120 coins instead after the level. This is one of the ad video offers in the game.

The other one is the random opportunity to earn a new car simply by watching an ad. If you take this opportunity, you will never need to spend another coin on a car. The offers are for the cheap cars at first, but later on the expensive cars will be the ones that are offered with ads (including the 1,000+ coin cars).

If you want to win first place every time, be sure to start conservatively so that you don’t fall into a ditch right away, by turning away from the other cars and jumping over ditches whenever possible. You can also jump at the beginning of the level to avoid the pileup of cars.


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