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Super Idle Cats: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Super Idle Cats is a new idle game for the Android and iOS platforms where your goal is to get rich off of cats who grow tomatoes (and other forms of veggies). You can do a nearly limitless amount of upgrades to increase the maximum size of your crop yield, as well as how much all of the crops are worth, and even move from tomatoes to other types of fruits and veggies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Idle Cats!

Each time that you tap on one of the farms, you add a tomato to it, and each tomato that’s added to a farm produces idle cash. Once you get enough money to start making improvements in the laboratory you’ll be able to have your cats generate tomatoes automatically, as well as increase the cash value of tomatoes, the amount of tomatoes your farms and trucks hold, and more, but at the beginning of the game, it’s your cats that generate tomatoes.

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Tap crows when you see them fly overhead to get them to drop prizes. If you tap a golden crow, the prize will be huge, consisting of either a large amount of coins or a decent amount of gems. With the gold crows, you’ll have to watch an ad video to get the prizes, but with the black crows, no ad videos are required; you earn the prize right away.

Once you earn enough coins, you’ll be able to prestige for the first time. When you prestige, you start back over from the beginning, but with infinity seeds, which look hilariously like infinity stones. Infinity seeds will add 10% of a profit boost per seed to your farm, and your first prestige unlocks at 30 earned seeds, which will give your farms a 300% boost

Once you have enough cash, look to the area north of your tomato farm; you’ll be able to unlock bananas when you have 5 sextillion coins to spend. Buy the banana farm to automatically prestige, earning 1,000 bonus infinity seeds in the process. From there, two additional farms to the north of the banana farms will be ready to unlock as soon as you have the cash.

Don’t forget about upgrading your crop itself by tapping on the crop icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Crop upgrades increase the value of the tomato, and some major crop upgrades will require your farm to start over. So don’t buy an upgrade if you are very close to a prestige, but buy them if you’re not because the difference will be easy to make up.