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Zig Zag Boom – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Zig Zag Boom is a new endless ball rolling game for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s not the same game as ZigZag, but it’s close – essentially it’s a 2D top down version of the concept, as you tap on the screen in order to make the ball change direction. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zig Zag Boom!

Each tap earns you one point, rather than each corner. If you are really quick, you can game the system with your taps. All you have to do is do a quick double-tap at any point when you have space to the appropriate side of you and if you time it just right, you’ll keep going the same direction (albeit a little bit closer to the wall than before).

One way to make this game quite a bit easier is to turn the phone diagonally. Turn it 45 degrees and instead of the route being diagonal, the route will zig zag between going up and going right, or between going up and going to the left, depending on which direction you turn your phone. This makes it much easier to judge the barriers and where they are in relation to the ball so that you can get around them easily.

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If you want to get rid of the pop up ads without paying any money, all that you have to do is to shut off the game, and then switch your phone into airplane mode and turn it back on again. This game is done by an indie developer though, so personally, I don’t recommend doing this as this is how they pay their bills. But if the pop up ads get too annoying, that’s one way around it. You can also purchase the ability to shut off all ads.

Every time that you get a multiple of fifty points on your high score, you will unlock a brand new color orb. If you get fifty points, you will unlock the yellow orb. If you get a hundred points, you will unlock the green orb. More orbs are typically added to the game every time that there is an update, so keep getting higher and higher scores to earn more orbs.

If you want to compare your score to the scores that other players have earned, go to the Game Center or Google Play menu (denoted by the trophy) and check it out. So far nobody has figured out how to hack the scores. The multi-thousand-point scores are very realistic, and you can get them too by concentrating hard enough. The game never speeds up so it’s easy to get stupidly high scores once you get into a groove.