Airlines Manager: Tycoon 2019 – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Airlines Manager Tycoon 2019 is a new game for the iOS and Android where you run every aspect of an airline company, You can buy different kinds of real-life planes, AM Coins, TravelCards, and all kinds of other bonuses.

You can pick a hub and then set flights to and from all sorts of cities, with all sorts of services to choose from depending on what kind of airline you want to run. Of course, you also have to manage your workers, profit vs loss, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Airlines Manager Tycoon 2019!

At the beginning of the game, accept every guided tour that the game offers you. This is important to do because not only will the guided tutorials help to teach you about this rather complicated game, but you will also be able to earn huge cash from completing them.

Your most basic key to success is to play the numbers game. The more aircraft you buy, the more flights you can send out. And of course, the more flights that you send out, the more money you make from either people buying tickets or from hauling cargo around.

Always check on your structural profits and other profit statements. If you don’t check on these, then buy too many upgrades such as services, you could end up with a negative profit margin, taking losses on everything until you go bankrupt. So always make sure that your airline stays profitable.

You can unlock various kinds of services in the R+D area, then you can use them to increase profits on your airline. Pay attention to which services have what kind of an effect. Some benefit more premium services, while other benefit economy services.

Treat your on-board services the same way, and consider what it will do to your brand image before you add a service. If you have a lot of economy service, you will be considered an economy airline. If you have a lot of premium services you’ll become a more premium-oriented airline. If you have a lot of cargo related services, you might be known for being a cargo airline.

Early on in the game you should maximize passenger space, but eventually you’ll unlock the ability to haul cargo. You’ll be able to increase your revenues instantly, but you have to modify your aircraft properly in order to allow them to carry cargo.

Be sure to keep your workers satisfied. Try not to pay too much salary, but keep your worker satisfaction high. If your workers are dissatisfied, they could end up going on strike. If they do, they’ll end up cancelling your flights.

Don’t repair your aircraft too much or too little. Aircraft maintenance can eat into your profits, but differing maintenance can lead to cancelled flights. Breakdowns don’t happen until after a 10% wear, and they don’t become common or likely until you top 30%.

You can perform either an A-check or a D-check on your aircraft. A-checks are far cheaper to do, and will put your aircraft back into excellent condition. D-checks will do the same, plus lower the age of your aircraft. They’re super expensive though, so don’t do them more often than you have to.

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