Dark Avenger: How to get free Gold, BP, Gems and Lucky Boxes

By | 20130613

Dark Avenger is an action-RPG, similar in style to beat em ups as well as Gauntlet type of games, for the iOS. Dark Avenger has three different types of currency in the game. The main currency is gold, which is rather common, yet always seems to be in short supply. The premium currencies are gems and BP, which are mainly used to enhance weapons and power up your skills in more ways than gold can. Lucky boxes can be unlocked and opened to earn free rewards. Read on to find out how to get more of all four for free!

The main way to get more gold is to complete the main missions. Pick up as much gold as you can find there. Open the treasure chests and you will find even more gold. Memorize where these chests are. Play the time trials for 20 percent more gold. Also, under the skills area, go to the passive skills and increase the percentage of gold that you pick up during stages.

Another great way to earn more gold is to play the infinity tower and go as far as you can. Take the strongest fast weapon that you have (NOT a slow weapon or you’ll get beaten rapidly, even if it’s stronger than the fast one). Get as far as you can, and finish as quickly as you can, as you will get more coins as a time bonus. Sell the forge stones that you earn in battle (as well as any other unused inventory) to earn even more gold. You can earn them from Lucky Boxes as well.

To get BP, go to the death match or the boss raid and participate, and earn as many points as you can. You can earn BP after every battle in the boss raids if you do damage to the boss, and in the deathmatch you have to earn points by either killing players on the other team, or assisting in a kill. If you do nothing, you get nothing. You can play the death match as many times as you want and you can play the boss raid 5 times per day.

Ranking in the Infinity Tower event will also earn you free BP. The higher you rank, the more BP you’ll earn, obviously, but even if you only play in one match and you don’t get anywhere, you’ll still earn free BP at the end of the 24 hour period.

The only two known ways to get free gems are from Lucky Boxes and from ranking on the Death Match. The same rules as above apply – you’ll earn gems no matter what, but higher rank equals more gems. Ranking in the boss raid will either earn you mystic lucky boxes or rare lucky boxes as rewards. The same as above applies – the higher that you rank, the more you will earn.