Drive and Park: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

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Drive and Park is a new iOS and Android game where your goal is to park by drifting into a parking spot. The better that you execute your power-slide park, the more money that you earn. You can move from level to level, each of which has bigger and bigger challenges, while earning coins and unlocking rarer cars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Drive and Park!

The tutorial of the game will show you how to control the slide; tap the screen to start the slide and let go of the screen to end it. Letting go of the screen ends it immediately; there is no momentum at all to your car after you let go, and if you stick out too far, you lose and get caught by the cops, so don’t get caught.

An arrow will guide you on your path during the tutorial, but will disappear when you’re done with it. At that point you will then have to pick your own starting point for each slide-park. The timing is easy to remember if you just remember the shape of the arrow, at least at first, but as you go forward through the stages, and especially toward the end of each stage, your cars will speed up and the space in the spots will gradually decrease.

If you’re not totally straight when you park, you’ll get a normal score, but if you are parallel to the cars in front of and behind you, you’ll get a perfect score, which gives you double the cash value of a normal score. This will also contribute to you beating the level quicker, because the level is beaten when you reach a specific cash value, so enough perfects, and you could shorten the level significantly.

You can win new cars as often as you want to, and add up to four of them at a time to your repertoire, but if you want to have the most success, add the rare cars to your hand, and in general, add the smaller cars rather than the larger ones. Smaller cars are easier to squeeze into tight spaces, which is important on later levels where spaces get smaller. The rarer the car, the more coins you get when you park it.

Even if you spin for a car and get a duplicate car, it still plays to your benefit. If you spin and end up with a duplicate, then the car will be worth more money per parking job. For example, if you get a duplicate common car, then the income will increase from $20 per parking job to $26 per parking job ($40 to $52 for perfect parking).

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