Forest Defense Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Forest Defense is a brand new tower defense game for the iPhone and Android where you have to protect the forest from a whole legion of mechanical invaders. You play as The Devout, and your main tower to defend is the Hamadryad, a huge, odd looking contraption that represents the spirit of the forest, or something. Anyways, all kinds of mythical forest creatures are at your disposal to protect the Hamadryad from the goofy robots that look like walking household appliances. Read on for some tips and tricks for Forest Defense!

At the beginning of each round, move forward as far as you can. Stand just back from the closest enemy to you, so that you can shoot them but they can’t attack you. Pick up the blue mana each of them drops, and build up your mana to huge levels. Upgrade your mana if you want, although it might be most effective to simply use all of your mana at once for summoning a ton of numen.

Your most effective numen is the laminaceph (the red one with the antlers) simply because he has a huge quantity of life points, and costs very little mana. Summon large amounts of numen and they will block any enemies from getting past them, allowing you an easy win. Put a whole bunch of punching macropuses behind them to add to the speed at which you kill the enemies, and add hasta-beaks to really do some serious damage. But the cornerstone of your defense should be the laminaceph.

Level up your punching macropuses, though, and you can put together a “zerg rush” style offense where you block enemies using the laminaceph, then send out a ton of the punching macropus at the same time as your mana builds up. Doing this can do massive amounts of damage all at once, and make you nearly invincible.

Keep the fireball around and upgrade it, but get rid of the tornado spell as soon as you unlock the honey bees. The tornado spell does very little damage, making it nearly worthless for attacking enemies, and upgrades don’t do it much good either.

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