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Land Sliders – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, High Score, and Strategy Guide

Land Sliders is a new endless exploring game for the iOS platform by Prettygreat, a team made up of former members of Halfbrick Studios, the group behind Fruit Ninja. Your goal is to explore through as many levels and collect as many maps as possible, while avoiding the swarms of enemies that are trying to chase you out of their land at every turn. Read on for some tips and tricks for Land Sliders!

You get a free gift every so often consisting of coins. There’s a timer that counts down to it, and you can set notifications so that you can collect it right away. You can also set the time ahead on your phone or tablet and then collect it right away, skipping the timer. Once you do that, collect the coins right away and then do the trick all over again, as many times as you want.

Just be warned though, that if you do this trick and then set the time back to normal, you will end up adding all of the cheated time right back onto the timer. So do this trick before bed or do this trick if you’re going to do it over and over so many times that you unlock all of the characters (or almost all of them).

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You slide the land under your character, rather than sliding the character across the land. Interestingly enough, there is an option in the settings menu to reverse the controls, which effectively causes you to slide your character along, rather than sliding your land along. Use this is you are more comfortable with conventionally-styled controls.

Make sure to collect every map in the stage before you move onto the next stage. The game will tell you how many are left in a particular level. If you collect every single one of them, you will get a bonus of 5 maps before you move onto the next level. Collect every map on each level and the bonuses will add up big time.

Also be on the lookout for keys, as you can open chests with big bonuses. Hit the quest button on some random stage to get a random quest, then complete that quest in order to win a lot of coins. The farther you get, the tougher the quests will get, but they will be that much more worth it to complete.