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Monster Story for iPhone: How to get free Gold and Food Cheats

In Monster Story for the iPhone, your goal is to raise a whole bunch of little monsters and level them up. To level them up, you need to feed them, and to feed them, you need food. There are two kinds of currencies in the game, as well. One of them is gold, and gold happens to be the premium currency in the game. Normally, you have to pay real money for gold, or pay coins (the regular currency) in order to grow food, but there are ways to get more of both of them for free. Read on for tips on getting free gold and food!

There is only one known way to get free gold in the game. There are no special free offers for it, and you can’t get any bonus gold from leveling up. There are some quests that might give you one or two free gold here and there, but there are additional quests to look out for in the game.

Look for any quests to pop up that involve doing something else in a different game, such as installing or playing Slots or reaching level 12 in City Story Metro. These quests don’t appear to have any rewards but looks can be deceiving. Do any of these quests, and once you complete them, a “follow up quest” will pop up asking you to do something really easy, and the reward will be a significant amount of Gold. Simply do that quest and collect your gold!

There is one way to get free food in the game, and that is to find the quests in your “quest book” that include food as a reward, and complete those quests. However, there is a second way to do so, by spending your free gold on food. There’s really not much point in doing that, though. A faster way would be to get one of the long-term food crops and plant it (E.G.Bizartichokes, which take three hours), then set the time on your device ahead by 3 hours and go back to the game. Do this, and you will be able to collect immediately.