PewDiePie’s Pixelings: Arena Guide and Cheats – How To Win Every Arena Battle

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PewDiePie’s Pixelings is the wildly popular casual RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that has become possibly the most popular out of all of PewDiePie’s game collaborations. Your goal in this game is to fight through battles in the Story Mode and in the Arena, going up against easy enemies to start with, and tough enemies later on.

Of course, your prizes increase correspondingly when you win, with coins, gems, new characters and character cards, food, and more being up for grabs, especially in the Arena, where you and other players can engage in live battles.

Read on for a guide on how to win every Arena battle in PewDiePie’s Pixelings!

First is the basics. In the Unranked Arena, players are matched up based off of the combined strength of your team vs the combined strength of the rival player’s team. The intent is to make it the most fair between one player and another; however, it also creates an opportunity for new strategies and ways to play the system.

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That means that the best strategy for consistent wins in the Arena is to have a team that’s either very weak or very strong for your player level. Weaker is better, arguably, because first of all, it’s easy to pull off. Just put your weakest, most common Pixelings into your arena party.

Second, your spells will not be negatively affected at all, so your spells will be VERY overpowered against low-level teams. It will be very easy to pick off one enemy Pixeling at a time with a fire spell, for example, in order to score plenty of easy kills.

The matchmaking will completely change in the Ranked mode, of course, where it will be based off of trophies, or wins and losses. But for the Unranked Mode, when you need to complete all sorts of quests in order to load up on coins and Player Experience, use the Weak Pixeling Technique to get easy wins.

As far as battles go, your best bet here is to use a good mix of ranged, melee, and troll characters. Ranged aims for the character right across from them. Melee aims for the center character, primarily. Trolls aim for the weakest character or the character with the lowest health.

While the aiming of the troll and melee characters are fairly automatic, you can scheme with the ranged characters to target one enemy character at a time. Watch the action bar below a character’s health. Whoever has a flashing action bar is the next character that’s going to attack.

When your ranged character’s action bar is flashing and you want to target a specific enemy character, do a quick position change, then after the attack, switch them back to their old position. Repeat this technique as often as necessary to pick off one enemy at a time.

The best characters to target with this trick are enemy assassins, since they have high attack and low health. Another good target is an enemy tank or an enemy support. Take out the tank to allow your characters to get better hits against non-tanks, or take out supports to stop them from healing enemy party members.

The same position-changing technique is also a strong defense booster. If a ranged assassin is threatening to do major damage to your non-tanks, then wait until its action bar flashes, then move your tank across from the assassin. Take the hit, then move your tank back to the middle.

As a side note, the position-changing speed techniques work equally well in the story mode against tough stages. So if you come across a stage that you can’t beat and you need to earn more stars, then do the speed-switching technique to make it easy to three-star almost any level.

Make sure to use the rarest and most highly-leveled characters that you can. The easiest way to get rare characters is to buy them in the store for 30,000 coins apiece. Just pick the one you want and then buy them. Also, if you get a large chest, you’ll earn rares, too.

Keep your characters ranked up and leveled up. As far as levels go, each character can rank up to a level equivalent to the player level, at maximum. So once you gain a player level, you’ll be able to level them up one more maximum level.

Rank-ups are more common as the character rarity drops, so your common characters are likely to be the ones that you can rank up the highest. While they will be no match for rare and mythic characters there, you can make it so they match up well against uncommon characters.

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