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Power Rangers: UNITE – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Power Rangers: UNITE is a new card-battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. There are not many hardcore collection elements here; this game is pure, 100% battling, with a collection of the various Power Rangers from over the years and the seasons, all the way from Mighty Morphin to Samurai to Dino Charge. Read on for some tips and tricks for Power Rangers: UNITE!

All of the decks cost money to purchase, but most of them can also be purchased with in-game coins. If you want to get more coins for free, go to the “add coins” area and instead of an IAP store, you’ll go to a Tapjoy offer screen. Complete either the free offers, the paid offers or both for free power coins. There are video offers included as well, which can be watched almost endlessly.

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For even more offers, go to and you will find offers that involve downloading, installing and running a series of different apps. Run the apps and go back to Power Rangers: UNITE and you will earn your free coins. All of these offers tend to be free.

In general, you will want to fill your deck with rare cards and uncommon cards, so replace the common cards as you earn them; however, look for various card combinations that can give you deck bonuses. For example, combine all of the Rangers from the same series and you’ll earn a bonus for it. This goes a long way toward putting you over the hump if you’re up against an equally strong opponent.

Make sure to load up your deck with rangers that are out of uniform for a good surprise attack. While they are weak out of uniform, double-tap them to transform them into their uniformed Power Ranger counterparts and increase their statistics. Support cards are good for using small amounts of energy and boosting your rangers that are already on the board as well.

Make sure to keep lots of single-attack cards in your deck. When you draw single-attack cards, pull them out and use them to knock out an enemy card that’s in front of one of your rangers. Then your ranger will have a clear space to attack the boss. Killing the boss is the fastest way to win a round, far moreso than knocking out all of their cards.