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Top War: Battle Game – List of Gift Codes and How to Get More of Them

Top War: Battle Game, also stylized as TopWar: BattleGame, is a unique merge strategy game that combines the traditional MMORTS gameplay with the addictive merging gameplay of many casual games out there. You can battle against the computer and against other players, rack up coins and gems, and earn all kinds of rewards.

Rewards come in many different ways, but some of the rarest are the rewards that come from Gift Codes, which are given out, can be entered into the Gift Codes screen, and provide you with all sorts of rewards, from gems to rare cards.

Read on for a list of gift codes and how to earn more of them in Top War: Battle Game!

You need to know how to get to the Gift Codes menu in order to enter them, of course. First, tap on your avatar picture to get to the main personal information menu.

Once you do that, tap on the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the screen to pop up the settings menu, which contains a number of other options as well. Then, tap on the option that says Gift Codes.

Once you do that, then tap the button that says “Gift code” to open a popup window. Enter your gift code, then click the OK button, and claim your rewards.

Now, you need to know how to get gift codes so that you can enter them into this screen. The primary way is to go to the official Top War: Battle Game Facebook page, which is titled “TopWar: BattleGame” on Facebook. Go here and search through the posts that have been made.

As you scroll down the posts menu, you’ll be able to find gift codes here. Be sure to also check the official Twitter and Instagram feeds, because these will contain codes too. Not only that, but sometimes they will contain codes that the other feeds do not, so check all of them, not just one of them.

Occasionally, codes will be given out directly through the mailbox within the game itself. If you see a code from the developers in the mailbox, you don’t actually have to type it in. All that you have to do is click to except the gift, and you will automatically earn the reward that you normally would have had to type the code in order to earn.

Check the app review pages on both the App Store and on Google Play. Oftentimes players will post codes that they find elsewhere if they don’t see them posted already, and there are a ton of reviews for this game, so it should be easy to find codes. If you don’t see anybody posting any codes, then be sure to post any codes that you might find as part of a review of your own.

You can also find the link to the Discord group within the game itself, under “Official community”. Click on the invite link, accept the invite, and then enter the group, and start scrolling up and down the chat rooms to see if you can find codes.

There is a more efficient way to filter out the posts and more easily hunt down the ones that contain codes, too. Go to the search area and type in either “codes” or “gift codes” and then scroll through the posts to see what comes up.

Be sure to also look through unofficial sources. Reddit is usually the first place to look for this. Look for Subreddits related to the game, then go there and look for the codes, and if you have a code that you don’t see there, post it so that other players can use it.

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Streamers tend to be an excellent source for codes for Top War: Battle Game. Go to Youtube and Twitch and look for streams or videos with codes. Often, the content creators will partner with the developers to offer exclusive codes.

Also, for every one of the sources above, if there is a comment section, then check the comments. Youtubers especially tend to have lots of fans leave more codes in their comments sections, and so do official social media pages for the game. This also includes the comment section for this very article.

Here is a list of the official Gift Codes that have been released for Top War: Battle Game so far:












If you don’t have an Arabic keyboard on your phone, then long press the code with the Arabic letters in it, copy it, and then paste it into the code box to redeem it.

Keep checking back to this article for updates, since when more codes are added, we will update the article, too. Bookmark this article, and check the comments section.

Oftentimes other players will add codes before we get to it, but if they do, then we will also add their codes to our articles. Keep posted!


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