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Wanted Fish: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers – Tips, Cheats, Strategies, All Fish and Upgrades

Wanted Fish is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play as an Arctic fisherman with a harpoon, and your goal is to collect every fish imaginable. You can get all sorts of rarities of fish, from one-tsar, all the way through five-star and six-star rare, epic, and legendary fish. You can collect coins, upgrade your equipment, and more on the way to filling out your entire fish book.

Read on for tips, tricks, and a guide to earning all fish (and more) in Wanted Fish!

The basic method of play in this game is to drag your finger to either side above the boat in order to move the boat to the left and right. Then, drag your finger under the boat to in the harpoon. If you aim it right, you will catch one fish, or more depending on your upgrade level.

Each fish can be sold for coins or used as bait. To earn as many coins as you possibly can, try to catch the fish that is currently listed as your target fish. You will earn between four and five more coins for catching this then for catching a fish that is not on your target list at the time.

If you check the fish book, your fish are organized by rarity, with one star being the most common, and five star and six star fish being the rarest ones of all, meaning the most difficult ones to find and catch. The rare ones are usually worth more coins than the common ones, though.

Your coins can be spent on upgrades to your harpoon or on distance upgrades. If you upgrade your harpoon, then that will increase the number of fish that you are able to catch at a time by one. If you upgrade your distance, but that will simply mean that you can send the harpoon a longer distance.

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Click on the other tabs at the shop, though, in order to find more upgrades. The bait upgrade will let you level up your bait, which will attract fish to your harpoon much more easily. The boat upgrade will increase the speed of your boat.

Over in the far right tab, you will find a button that allows you to earn free coins for watching an advertisement video. You will earn between 700 and 1,000 coins, which is far faster earnings than you can make just by catching fish. Use this button to earn a ton of gold until you are able to upgrade enough that fish earn you gold faster.

You have a couple of optional power up buttons in the top right corner of the screen. One of these buttons will allow you to earn double wins on everything that you catch for a while. The other button will point out where your target fish is, and will increase the size of the fish massively to make it easier to catch.

If you want to play the game without advertisements, then close out the game, put your phone into airplane mode, and open the game back up, and the ads will quit popping up. If you do this, though, then the voluntary add video options will no longer work, so you will no longer be able to earn the associated bonuses.


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